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How to Downgrade a Mobile Phone Plan?

Just Moved In

I wanted to downgrade my mobile phone plan as I changed to a work from a home lifestyle. Currently on the Unlimited mobile plan and I am barely scraping the surface of data. It's more than I need and I'd like to downgrade to either the Essential 6 5G or Essential 20 5G. However, whenever I call in I am told it cannot be done and to go online. When I go online, there is no way to actually apply these offerings onto my account. I'd prefer to continue with Telus vs cancel, but I am not seeing another way out. Anyone have any luck actually changing their phone plan online or over the phone? Why am I pressured to add more to the same price? Exact opposite of the original ask. Lmao


Community Manager
Community Manager

It looks like they aren't eligible for a rate plan change, unfortunately. The reason the reps couldn't change it for you is because it's not available to them in the selection drop-down (owing to restrictions on availability). At current time, it's only available on new BYOD activations. 


Screenshot 2023-07-17 6.34.47 PM.png