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Upgrading a Phone on Existing Family Plan

Hello Telus Neighborhood,I had some questions concerning upgrading my phone on an existing family plan, as the title suggests. Below is a summary of my situation.I currently have a Galaxy S8 phone (first purchased the year of initial release) while o...

Beom by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Hardware change for Motorola phone?

My wife got a call supposedly from Telus where the agent told her Telus was making changes that required "a new cable for her phone" and that someone could come to our house to do the repair. It was hard to understand the agent who had a very strong ...

johnwreece by Friendly Neighbour
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TELUS used to offer great services; I’ve been their customer for more than 10 years. I have few lines with them.However, today I lived the disappointment of my life; in an attempt to make them adjust a discrepancy in the bill -not a big deal, obvious...

Security and Android updates

Just got a TCL 20 5G a few weeks ago. The security update says February 2022 and haven't heard anything about the Android update, either. Any ideas what's going on or when to expect the updates, if ever?


I received my monthly bill this morning as usual, but it says I owe nothing on it. I'm confused and wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this before? It tells me my amount due for the month but then says "you owe" and it's blank. Help?

c-ramsay by Just Moved In
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Pre-paid notifications

One of my phones is on the pre-paid service. Can you please have the option to receice text notifications, for when a user gets close to either the end of their service period, or the end of a data add-on?

airwolf85 by Just Moved In
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Rural Smarthub

Why do we have to purchase/pay the Smarthub (ZTE) equipment? Unlike wireline internet, the equipment can be rented. Is there any reason behind that?

Robert9 by Organizer
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Resolved! Where is the S10, S10 Plus and S10e One UI 4.1 update?

Where is the S10, S10 Plus and S10e One UI 4.1 update?Samsung released the update in March 2022, the USA received it in April 2022. TELUS has not even published the timeline in their update schedule.Please advise.Thanks

ziom by Organizer
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