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Security Deposit?

Just Moved In
Is it normal for a Telus store to ask and require a “security deposit” for ordering a new phone. My local Telus store made me put a deposit on a phone they had to get from another store and that I’d be refunded upon picking it up. I spoke to Telus regarding a different issue and mentioned it. They said it was not anything they knew of and it was not recorded on my file at all and eventually recommended me to try and get the deposit back. I also called a few other stores and they said no, they didn’t require a deposit. I went back to the location and asked for answers and my refund. They said it was to guarantee I would come back to get my new phone or else it stays in their inventory for months and they keep the $400. Which is waaayyyyyy more than the taxes I would pay on a new contract. After 30 minutes I received my refund begrudgingly and was told Telus would never refund me and everything would be final sale.

Community Manager
Community Manager

This doesn't sound like the standard practice at our corporate stores. Is this, by chance, a dealer-owned location?