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Customer service lies

I'm so fed up with customer service.. so I was on the bring back program which ended and I wanted to upgrade my phone.. it was getting near when the extension was up and I phoned telus asking if I could extend it to this date when I would be able to get a new phone.. because there was no way I could pay the amount if I didn't bring it back.. they said no problem we can do that, called them again before i went to get my new phone and asked if I was still good to go, and they said I was and didn't owe anything.. so I get my new phone, get my bill and turns out they did NOT extend it and I now have to pay for this overage of a bill.. so I call them again asking if I could do some payment plan on it and the person I talked to said I could and that I had to call them back on the 15th which I did AGAIN.. and I lo and behold I was told I was NOT allowed to do that even though the guy before told me I could.. so basically told me a lie and now there's nothing I can do.. and the person recommended me to go to the store and see if they can do something for me... I have been with telus for a long time and this just absolutely made me so **bleep**ing mad.. to be told one thing and than the next tell me I can't do it because it's too late?! Idk what do


same thing happened to me. so what happens? they said I can get a new phone then when I go to Telus he had no idea what I was talking about? I had to go home with no device I still have no device an I gotta wait 2 more months before I am eligible for 1. I just want access to my life again. no contacts no banking info nothing I can't carry a laptop around with me if I can even access any of my paying apps im missing out on its just not fair but they don't care & this is the service I pay for? lost without a device I never thought would happen. idk what else to do?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. Reach out to us over at our Twitter / X or Facebook pages so we can verify your account and gather your info for a direct callback from our escalation team.

how caan i answer when i have no device u think that one out?