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Galaxy A53 5G digital wallet

Just Moved In

I recently purchased a Galaxy A53 5G form a Telus store.   Why would Telus sell a non Canadian phone in its' stores  that does not support Galaxy Wallet?  Is that not fraud of some kind?



Hello @cottonwooddavid , are you asking about Samsung Pay or Google Wallet? I'm also curious to know why you're saying it's a non-Canadian phone, thanks! can check out the following Samsung Canada site.  Notice that the A53 is not supported. 


So, niw I have a phone, sold to me by a Telus outlet that does not fully function in Canada.  A little research indicates that Wallmart were selling them in Canada and had so many returns they had to stop selling this model.  I will be going to my local Telus stoe Tuesday morning to ask for a phone that actually works in Canada.  I have recently purchased tickets to an event in Vancouver.  All I had to do was download the ticket and put it in my digital wallet. (no paper tickets available)   With this phone I can not do this.  Telus sold me a phone that they should have known has a non functioning app.  I call that fraud.


You're sure the A53 isn't supported? I'm seeing it in the list of supported devices on Samsung's website.



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