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When will Telus implement the 5G+ icon on iPhones?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. While we have no info that we can share just quite yet, stay tuned here and to our social media channels (Twitter / X and Facebook) for announcements when we do!

I thought I could get the 5G+ icon to appear on my iPhone 12 mini by switching to the physical 5G SIM (I was using a super old SIM up until today). My plan includes 5G+ speeds (up to 2Gbps). Fastest speed I could get today was 375 Mbps download / 76 upload. Is this 5G SA?

5G+ is just an icon. There is sadly no standard for these icons that guarantee you are at a certain level of service. This is how companies get a way with so ming something, like Bell Fibre, but that's just the name. Most customers using Bell's Fibre internet don't have anything close to a Fibre connection. Just like Subway in Canada gets away with calling a 10 inch sub a footling, because footling is the name of it.

In my neighborhood, 600Mbps down and 150Mbps up isn't uncommon and my OnePlus 8T and s23 Ultra have never displayed a 5G+ icon. Not even when in an area with 5G SA.