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I just decided to make the switch back to Android - i'm waiting for my new phone to arrive. IFTTT (If This Then That) is an app I can't live without on iOS. Has anyone used the Android version that was recently released? I'm just looking for a real-w...

Resolved! Phone insurance

When I claim damage through my policy is there a device upgrade option. I have had to use insurance in the past and have never inquired about an upgrade at the same time. If the new phone is available can you opt for that phone for the intro rate and...

randomnrg by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! is anyone else having Facetime Problems?

i just got the iPad mini yesterday this afternoon after assuming i had to wait for a little while before being able to use Cellular data (which i thought FaceTime was needed for) it just kept failing on both cellular and WiFi connection just thought ...

Julian by Organizer
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Resolved! Samsung Galaxy s5 phone Memory

Hello Everyone, I am trying to find out if there is a proceedure available in moving downloaded apps from the phones memory to the SD memory card as I prefer not to fill up the phone memory. The memory card is a 4GB. I tried to google this but could ...

js by Coach
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Resolved! Why cant my LG C555 SILVER HSPA Access Picture msg Directly

When I recieve a Picture msg I get a text saying New Pic Msg view at is there any way to just recieve the Picture Msg directly? Warning Rant Below I forget my snap password all too often, why is it that Telus has a seperate acc...

wifi issues with samsung galaxy mega

No connection issues with any of our other cells in our home. My phone (galaxy mega) says "not in range" and I can be standing right next to the modem. It will only connect if I restart my phone but only stays connected for a few mins. Totally going ...

hayleigh by Just Moved In
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Re: how do I boost low/ no signal in my house

I have the same question .The Wilson 841262 DB pro 3G with Omni antenna has the best reviews and is said to work with all USA networks except iDEN and Nextel.There is no mention of Telus. It is dual band 824-894 and 1850-1990.One person said telus wo...

rkkmpc by Just Moved In
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