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Transferred Phones now worse cell signal

I recently had to get my phone replaced through Apple. Ever since the switch, my cell signal has been terrible (not receiving calls, or texts, etc) and I live in a city, and never had this issue before. Could this be at all related to having a new de...

s4 Not charging

Hello, as of recently my Galaxy S4 from Telus will not connect through USB to my wall charger or my computer. The phone does not charge while it is turned on... however, if i turn the phone off and plug it into a wall charger, a grey battery pops up ...

Resolved! Samsung S4 Phone

I would like to know how to stop TouchWiz Home from "Complete action using" everytime I do something on my Samsung S4


I just received my new to me phone. I have figured out where the sim card goes in, and have plugged it in to charge the battery. How long should it be charged?Don't know how to activate it, and am a complete newbie! I managed to get a training time-s...

Resolved! Software update for HTC One / One X+

HTC Canada confirmed that the HTC One X and One X+ will be upgraded to Android 4.4 ( Now, customers of Telus with these phones are stills stuck with Android 4.1, and even though when the update to 4.2.2 was rolled o...

Resolved! Phone Unlock

Hi I need the unlock code for my HTC One M8 i purchased from telus

Resolved! Device balances

I would LOVE the opportunity to either set my own device payment monthly amount OR the opportunity to pay extra separate amounts at any time toward my device balance...anyone out there wish for the same opportunity?

Resolved! Nokia Lumia 930

Here is the Nokia Lumia 930, just announced today! Running the new Windows 8.1 OS Will telus be carrying this phone?

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