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Nexus 4 LTE - What to expect

I've used a nexus 4 for a few years now and its been great had to replace quite few parts on it already but had to do some software modifications for those who wish to pursue use of software modifications/rooting to get permanent LTE the hardware is ...

kevhawk by Organizer
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Resolved! SMS for Ipad

Anyone knows if a SMS service will eventually be offered for tablets?

HeleneM by Neighbour
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Would the thL t11 work with telus?

I was looking at the ThL T11 phone from China. I got confused about the different bands used worldwide and my head is going to explode. Does anybody know how well voice or data would work with the Telus network? Could you please comment on them separ...

Windows Phone 8.1 Update for the Samsung ATIV S?

Still waiting for my update from WP8 GDR3 to WP8.1 on my ATIV S when is this going to happen?I have received information that TELUS mobility received WP8.1 update from Microsoft July 15 for testing, why is testing so slow?

unlocked phond

Hi i just bought an unlock phone its the lg g3 and i can phone and text and but cant connect to 3 or 4g can someone tell me how?

benzdes by Just Moved In
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