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iphone 4s

i am having a lot of trouble with my iphone 4s not working properly. I am having trouble sending and recieving messages (doesnt matter what kind of messages either) and deleteing messages off of my phone- i have to reboot my phoen everytime i try to ...

vanessa03 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! need opinions on the iPhone 5s or samsung s4/s5

Hello everyone! It's time to upgrade from my Samsung S2. I'm looking at the iPhone 5S or Samsung S4/S5 but can't decide. I know they are both good phones in their own ways but I'm interested in the the pros and cons of iPhones and Samsung users. What...

adk301708 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! sending video msg

I am having trouble txting or emailing my videos...saying file to big?

trevinc by Just Moved In
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mute button

I can make a call on my cell phone, but when the person on the other end picks up, I can hear them but they cannot hear me. I am not sure if I hit a button that put the mute on and/or how to fix it. Can someone please help, it is just a simple telus ...

uaj319 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Roaming Charges

Hi,If I am in another province and I am making long distance calls to my home province, how can I make sure that I have the best rate on my mobile device? Thank you. Susanne

slankhaar by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Dual Sim phones on Telus?

Would Telus ever release a Dual SIM phone? I have two telus cell phones, one issued by work, and one for my personal life. I want to preserve both numbers: work callings going to the work number, and personal calls to that number, and I would like th...

Eulerian by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Shipping

How long does it take for Telus to ship devices, or more specifically, the Moto G? I ordered my Moto G on Monday, and I still haven't received an email confirming it has been shipped yet

Resolved! Galaxy Note 1

What is the highest android version galaxy note 1 can work with?

Sonja by Just Moved In
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iphone 4 apps and version update

hello, well the applecare team sucks monkey balls, they want $35.00 just to talk to a person. well i with telus for years now, i have a iphone 4, and i need a weather widjet on my lockscreen, not in the swipe down factory from apple. cause i want one...