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Conduct a Survey: Approve or Not the New Version.

After 14-days of being launched the "New Forum Version" No signs of getting better. The number of questions and replies it's gone down, navigate in its (User-Interface) is a nightmare. The last activity in the forum boards it doesn't, synchronize pro...

v9 by Rockstar
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Resolved! Will a micro NFC SIM card work in iphone 4?

I purchased a refurbished iphone 4. My current SIM card does not fit. I went to the local Telus store and the employee told me I had to get an older micro SIM, not NFC, as NFC will not work at all in an iphone 4, and they had none in stock. I went ba...

jtdlmc by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Unlock my Iphone

hello telusi have one iphone 4 locked How can i Unlock it

den1s by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Transfer the data from iPhone 5 to PC

Hello,I have a question about my iPhone. When i contect my iPhone with Pc, it doesn't word, do you know why? I want to transfer my data to PC, but now, i can't do it.

Fulson123 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! RollBack To Older Forum Version 1.0

Last Monday: Nov-24-2014.- The new forum version 2.0 - it was launched to the public. Unfortunately the "Layout-Changes" it hasn't been very welcome for most of the membership. Proof of that is the reduction in posting and replies. I request to those...

v9 by Rockstar
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Resolved! Tablet:

Tablet: I was wondering if anyone is using a tablet from telus for surfing the internet daily, I was also wondering if 5gb is enough on a share plan.

nash211 by Coach
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Resolved! Iphone 3GS sim card into Samsung Galaxy s3

I've been Googling for more than an hour and have not been able to get a specific answer. Hopefully someone can help me here.I still use my old Iphone 3GS from Telus. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 locked to Telus. I also have a sim card cutter. D...

Moto X 2014 Users - Lollipop

Hi everyone, just bought the new moto x. I'm loving this phone. I've had many android phones before and I have to say this is by far the smoothest and best built device I've owned. Now, one of the promises made by Motorola when you get the moto x is ...

JerCote by Friendly Neighbour
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