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Resolved! Nokia Lumia 625 Voice Mail Icon

I have a Nokia Lumia 625 that is displaying 1 voice mail being present in the voice mail box. When I check the voice mail there are no messages. I've turned the device off and on, but the icon still displays 1 message. How do I get the icon reset bac...

GR Nokia VM Icon.JPG.jpeg
Pickles by Organizer
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WiFi calling

When the new iPhone IOS comes out, will Telus Mobility be supporting the Wi Fi calling option? I see that Rogers has stated they will. Since the roaming rates and packages, despite being better than they used to be, are still unacceptably high, this ...

Resolved! iphone4 to galaxy S4?

Thinking on making the switch from iphone4 to galaxy S4 should I bother? I'm trying to not pay for a phone, but is the Galaxy s4 even worth upgrading to or would it be just as out dated? Obviously I get its a totally different phone and galaxy operat...

Anyone here own a Samsung Rugby LTE ?

Whenever I receive a mms picture message in the text window , its always a small size even after clicking on the picture. I have noticed my friends phones ( not Rugby's ) all shortcut to the gallery so it shows full size . Is this phone capable of th...

xjeepguy by Connector
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Switching to a unlocked used phone?

Hi, I was planning to buy a friends used and unlocked Nexus 5, and just switch my SIM card from my Iphone to the Nexus 5. However, I was told by a customer support rep on the phone I would have to activate the phone through customer service or at a s...

thedata55 by Just Moved In
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How do I find the owners of a stolen phone

I recently bought a phone off a guy and I tried hooking it up and it says it was reported lost or stollen, how do I find the owners of the phone, so I can at least give it back to them, I'm out 360$ but I guess that's what I get for buying a phone of...

Xkissesxx by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Unlocking an iPhone 4G knowing that the contract is over

Hello,My uncle, who lives in Canada, came here to Lebanon for a month vacation. He has his old iPhone 4G with him and would like to use it here. Knowing that this iPhone is locked, he could not do anything about it. And since he is not really a compu...

Ka by Just Moved In
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I'm about to buy my first smart phone and let go of our land line and my flip phone. How much memory does a new user need? I intend to use the phone for email, texts, calls, maps, and simple Google level research, especially when travelling. I may do...

Whamps by Just Moved In
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