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Galaxy S6 Cell Signal Issues

Is anyone else seeing any issues with their cell signal randomly dropping on their Galaxy S6? Often I will get "emergency calls only", even in an area with strong signals. Any text messages will not send, and trying to use any apps that rely on data ...

How do I get my older Sim card up n running again

I had a Telus prepaid I had lost the months ago and just found it now and need to use it because my fide phone I'm wanting to set back up is xxxxxxxxxx the new simcard number is [edited for personal information]

Resolved! Switching from iPhone 4 to 5s

I know they have different sim cards, so whats the process to switch phones? Do I just go net a new sim and ask them to switch my account to it? If so how much does that cost?

Reprusu by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Does the LG G4 come with both backs?

Other Canadian carriers are offering the Leather back and Grey metallic back included with each phone. Does the "black" option with Telus only provide the leather back, and not the metallic back as well?

5.1.1 Firmware for Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

When is Telus going to approve and release this firmware? Samsung has had it ready for a couple weeks now, and they've already had it pushed out in places like Greece and Kenya... Why is Telus taking so long with it?Surprise us with actual customer c...

digiNuck by Just Moved In
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Need help with selecting a SIM card

I'm looking at getting the Pre-Owned Nokia Lumia 520 from the TELUS site, and was wondering if the "Telus NFC Sim" card will work with it?The description says that it's for all regular and micro SIM phones, and the Lumia 520 is a Micro SIM. Asking as...

Shelby__ by Neighbour
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