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Resolved! Sync Galaxy S6 Edge calendar to MS Outlook

I have installed Samsung's Smart Switch program to sync my phone's calendar with Microsoft Outlook on my PC, as Samsung recommended. It takes about 15 minutes to run and in the end I get an error message that says "error encountered, unable to comple...

tcf999 by Friendly Neighbour
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Can I even buy a new phone outright?

I want to buy a new phone outright so I dont have to change my plan and I see zero option of doing so online. At first I wanted the Galaxy s7 for pre order to get the VR headset realizing later it's just for signing a new plan. I was thinking okay we...

JF11 by Just Moved In
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Pre paid account using a phone without a sim?

is this possible, the phone in question is a old samsung slider sph-M540 which has no sim card on it. if possible am i able to somehow register this phone with a pre paid account? thanks!

pagero by Just Moved In
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Resolved! iPhone5s Upgrading to iPhone6?

Hey I currently have an iPhone 5s with a balance on it hoping to upgrade to the 6; has anyone ever heard of Telus waving the balance fee to do an upgrade?

KelseyF by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Will Telus support visual voicemail on windows 10 phones?

I have an unlocked Microsoft 950XL that has the ability for Visual Voicemail but needs carrier support. As popular as iPhones and Androids are I find the lack of support for other OS annoying. This creates monopolies and drives up prices.

Continuing to have connectivity issues with my Samsung S6

Good morning. I am continuing to have connectivity issues with data and signal strength on my Samsung S6 since the update to 5.1.1. My software is up to date. I am on version G920W8VLU3BOJ7. My data is unusable 90% of the time. My calls often do not ...

mirrim by Neighbour
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Looking For Telus Animal Commerical

Wondering if anyone can help me find one of the very first Animal Commercials with 2 Cheetah's playing "Cheetah Chase" video game. I've looked everywhere and can't find this commercial. Any help would be appreciated.

wormreads by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I phone 4 crashing

Help! I can't even make calls half the time. Apps just shut down and can't check emails either? I know it's time to upgrade, but what can I do in the mean time?

Oneluv by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Android Security Patch Updates

Curious as to why that since Google issues monthly security patch updates that my S6 is still on the Nov 2015 update. Do the security patch updates only get pushed when there is an OS update?

RFD by Just Moved In
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