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Pik tv says too many logins

I only have one active at any time but I get a screen that says too many devices logged in.I have called support but they say logout then log back in when that does not work they say reboot the router. This usually works but the program I wanted to w...

Alforddh by Just Moved In
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Changing channels

This is really just a rant! Went online to change some of my channels and was greeted with a popup to download the MyTelus app. "We are currently working on a new Pik TV web experience. Sorry for the inconvenience.You can easily add and remove channe...

Qix by Connector
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Pik Tv App on iPhone

I want to watch Pik TV on my phone using data. Is there some way to reduce the amount of data it uses

KenM by Just Moved In
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Crave on demand

I have crave+Movies+ HBO (917 titles) on my pik tv ( the $20 option) why can’t I watch content on Crave(1000+ titles) on demand ( the channel we had when we had the $10 option)

Mouse4d by Just Moved In
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I can't seem to manage channels.

Every time I choose "add/remove channels >" I get a new page with a spinning circle and it never loads - 2 days now. Anyone have a similar challenge?

twp6 by Just Moved In
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On demand Fairchild drama series

On demand Fairchild drama series such as forensic and shawdow of justice are not updating the latest episode. Can any verify why this is the case.Thanks

Ken09 by Just Moved In
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Pik tv sound keep playing and image freeze?

Good day,For the last few month been having issue with pik tv. Basicly the sound keep playing and the image freeze for like 5 second as the sound keep playing then the image is going supper fast until it is back in sync with the sound.I am running it...

Patthe by Connector
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