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How to I watch from my phone to my tv ?!!

Jessica3 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Missing On Demand episodes

When will the Survivor episode(s) from Dec. 11th be available? Episodes 12 & 13 are missing from the list. Is or was there an extra episode?

Adding a Channel

I am trying to add a channel to my Pik Tv account (Food Network), but when I go through my account online, and go to the option of adding or changing channels, it gives the list to choose from. When I expand the list of channel options by clicking “v...

kls042 by Connector
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PikTV video resize issue on Chrome (HP Spectre)

I just bought an HP Spectre 13.3 with 16:9 screen ratio and when I try to watch PikTV I have to scroll up and down to see the full video. The video doesn't resize to fit the browser. I've tried it on laptops that are not widescreen and this does not ...

angell17 by Just Moved In
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Can i run piktv through my ps3 somehow to watch on tv?

Piktv for roku?

Do you think you’ll be putting PIKTV on roku? I really like Piktv but can’t watch on my tv due to it not being compatible and my Apple TV doesn’t work with Piktv

Jtelusn by Just Moved In
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Error with a specific channel - "Error loading Manifest"

With one channel (Global) on Pik TV, I am getting an error each time - "Error loading manifest" This happens on Apple TV and iPad. I log out of all applications, restart, etc. All other channels work fine. Anyone else seeing this?

BlairP by Connector
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Hello Telus, When will you get NBA TV on PIK?

Hello Telus, When will you get NBA TV on PIK TV?I have no way to watch the NBA TV channel other than switch to Optik TV.Pik TV already has NFL TV channel. Please help us NBA Fans Telus.With warm intentions,NBAFan

NBAFan by Just Moved In
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Channels not loading on Apple TV

After using Pik TV on my Apple TV for months and never having an issue, I’m suddenly receiving error messages when trying to load a couple of channels. On one it reads: “Playback Error can not reach rights server”, and on another: “Playback Error tim...

kls042 by Connector
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Need Help with a Simple(?) Question on Pik TV

Hi, I have absolutely no need for any new type of device, box or equipment. I just want to be able to use my Sony Android TV with the App downloaded or my Phone to cast to a TV. Can I do those things with Pik? Also, I really only care about Adult Swi...

MikeS1 by Just Moved In
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