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Resolved! Random charges

Anyone else get added random charge for Pik tv on their telus bill after this half broken update to the app? I got a fee for a change made and then a higher fee to cancel the change though I never made ANY changes!This update just keeps getting bette...

Resolved! PikTV app update broke the app

Ever since the app update TELUS pushed, the app on our Apple TV is pretty much useless. I’m greeted with an error message every time I open the app. The app freezes every time I navigate the grid view. Not all shows show up in OnDemand. TELUS needs t...

Resolved! Demand Shows

Hi I am unable to watch Better Call Saul Season 6 on demand. I am subscribed to AMC and should be able to rewatch or watch episodes after they have aired, but this has not been happening. To be more specific it is episodes 4 and over. Please help.

Moses1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pik TV update - issues galore

The latest (Apr 2022) update makes the Pik TV apps unworkable.Playback errors, login issues (multiple failed attempts to login), device reboots required, losing frame rate. I reinstalled the app several times but still the same. I have multiple devic...

Olegs by Neighbour
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Resolved! Pik tv on tcl android tv

Can't install pik tv on new tcl android tvWhen to Google play search for Pik TvPik tv comes up in the auto fill search bar but when I select ok Pik tv isn't one of the App options

Resolved! PikTV on Sony TV - authorization token expired

Since the recent update on my Sony TV the 'authorization token expired' shows up in the PikTV app daily when I try to access any channel. Signing out of the app and signing back in fixes it but it's a hassle to have to re-login and punch in my long s...

luksz by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pik TV on demand on Apple tv not free

I just got an Apple tv, and when i try to view shows on demand from Pik tv, it says i need to buy each show. Even though the shows are included in my channel list, and on demand is included in my subscription. (This does not happen when I use the Pik...

Newbie1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! App update nvidia shield

Since the update the pause and play rewind button no longer work on the remote.Telus recommend the nvidia shield they should support it.

RoryH by Neighbour
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New box - never boots up properly, must unplug every day!

OK, so I've had the new box for roughly 1 month now so far it is generally OK, but I'm having a very irritating problem I watch PikTV nightly, and when I click on the remote's power button, my TV and the PikTV box both come to life as they should (I ...

ssouci by Organizer
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Resolved! Pik TV On-Demand Content Missing After App Update

Hi, we recently updated the app to the new version and noticed a lot of on-demand content missing that we are planning to watch this week. Specifically, we’ve been watching the Magnolia Network (formerly DIY Network). There were several shows we were...

Ateam by Just Moved In
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