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When are they going to fix the Pik app? Can't Log in AGAIN

First, an error pops up saying I'm streaming on too many devices. I am not, only streaming on one. Close the app and restart it. Every channel is there instead of just my channels and won't go away so I scroll through them all to get to what I'm watc...

CGBG by Organizer
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Can't find the pik TV app on Android TV

Hi, I just bought an android TV that has chromecast build-in, but I can't find the PIK TV app in google store. Anyone knows what is wrong ? Thanks, Camille

Pik TV is showing too much

On the Pik TV app, I have ‘My Subscribed Channels’ selected under sort & filter, but the guide still shows tons of channels that we are not subscribed to. I have tried resetting my router and logging out and logging back in, but the problem is still ...

Xiris by Just Moved In
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No on demand content on IOS PIk tv

I subscribe to Pik tv + stars and have the app on my iPhone 11. In the app I cannot play any on demand content, it only shows the title, a thumb mail and the description. No option to play the actual video.

Pik TV Removing/Adding channels

I am beyond frustrated with mytelus and the app. I am able to unsubscribe from channels but am unable to add any. What am I doing wrong? I don't want to have to phone and sit on hold forever and a day.

AdaC by Just Moved In
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Cmon Telus. this is terrible. PIK TV down every day. Half the channels don't work. Have to delete, reload, restart, redo everything several times a day. Fix it. I will be happy to move to another service provider cuz this is terrible. And don't tell ...

Watched episodes won't update

My 'Resume' list is getting long because finished episodes aren't registering. Also, sometimes my watch progress on a particular episode doesn't get saved so then I have to restart from the beginning because I can't fast forward or skip. I expect mor...

LilyPad by Just Moved In
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I have had it with PIKTV app!

The App only worked good for about 4 months or so. The last 6 months it has sucked so bad. I've had countless problems TOO NUMEROUS to mention! I should be getting the service for FREE at this point! So fed up. TELUS, you're suppose to be a leader in...

Can't connect, incorrect login credentials

App not working, tried logging out then back in again, as I've done many times with this app.Now I cannot get back in, telling me my credentials are incorrect.This app is quite sad, fix someone?Edit:So after being on hold for over an hour with suppor...

Qix by Organizer
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