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PikTV on AppleTV 4k Stuttering

I'm having issues since about mid December with the PikTV app stuttering. Seems like the quality of the streaming has gone down too. Happens on both my AppleTV 4ks. I thought it was maybe my ADSL, but the interesting part is that I don't see any issu...

JimC by Just Moved In
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Error 3003 authorization token expired

I receive this error when a selected program tries to start playing. I have reset the PIK box and it seems to be connected. My account is valid. How do I get the box to ask for a new token?

J_Brand by Just Moved In
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Netflix won't play, error tvq-pb-101

Hope someone can help me with this. Every time I try to play a Netflix title I get a tvq-pb-101 error. I've tried everything I can think of including: - Disconnecting power from Pik box.- Pushing reset button on back of Pik box.- Clearing cache and d...

dfrancey by Neighbour
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PIK tv

Is it possible to get more than one PIK media box? My smart tv doesn't offer the app so I'm at a loss as how to watch tv on it. My other tv is even older so I have a box for it from years ago when PIK first came out.

peecee by Just Moved In
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Telus Presents series

I have Pik TV, but can get some of the Telus Presents series. Can someone explain why some work but some don't. Thanks.

jrest by Just Moved In
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"No Internet" when opening PikTV app

Every time I open the PikTV app it simply goes to a grey/black screen that simply says "no internet" and then on the right there's 3 options of; Exit/Restart/Settings. Seems simple enough, but the box is connected to the internet, speed tests show go...

ka7alyst by Just Moved In
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Discovery Gold Rush

Pik tv has moved the on-demand episodes of the Discovery Gold Rush series over to Crave tv for some reason. Why? These used to be available with my Discovery Channel subscription, but without a subscription to Crave they can’t be viewed. This seems l...

wmark by Neighbour
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Resolved! How to restrict paid content on PikTV?

We just changed from OptikTV to pikTV on apple tv for our vacation rental property. How do we password/PIN protect movie rentals and paid content so to not let just anybody order on our dime?Thanks.

vezousk by Just Moved In
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