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Rick and Morty on Demand

New episode aired on Sept 11 at 11pm ET. It's more than 24 hours but still no episode on demand.I'm subscribed to Adult Swim

Pik TV - Telus box

So one the website it says that Each Pik TV account gets 1 Telus TV Box to access PIK TV. Further that Pik TV works on 2screens.In the store yesterday when I signed up for internet/pik tv I was told it’s only website/app that it works on. That there ...

PIK TV - Basic Channels for Vancouver Sept. 2022

Can someone tell me what the basic channels are on PIK TV in Vancouver?Growing a little frustrated as cannot find the information on the Telus Website except for All the Additional Channels I could sign up and pay for. But what is exactly in thePik T...

Greggy81 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Not being able to access Crave which i pay for

I am finding this very frustrating, i want to watch new shows that are on Crave, it's part of my package. I am not able to watch more then the first "free" episode bc i'm not subscribed to Crave. Anyone else have this issue and how to fix it?

Tupelo by Neighbour
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On Demand content not updating

I have problems with TLC not updating on demand episodes. I haven't had new content for over a month. Is there a solution?

Krum by Neighbour
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PikTv Audio Sync - AppleTV

Am I the only one experiencing the audio sync/frame rate drift issue? Cannot watch for more than a few minutes before audio is completely out of sync. Has happened since the “big” upgrade that broke things. Occurring on AppleTV 4K.

Fuzzz by Helpful Neighbour
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Alternativa to PikTV.

Hi, The rent option on-demand videos are crazy. My kids always clicking the OK button and buying alot movies which costing me crazy.Any alternative options comparing to PikTV? I am considering moving to Shaw (Fibre+ 75 with TV for $135/mo LGTM). Just...

mashhur by Neighbour
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Changed my plan without permission charge twice as much

I phoned in to Telus today because I was unable to change my channels on my Pik TV account. Service lady helped me, and I am receiving the channels now. I opened my email tonight and I received a message from Telus of a confirmation of changes to my ...

darjoy by Neighbour
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Why is PIKTV not working properly?

Email from Telus on April 26/22: "Get ready for an improved Pik TV experience". And you know what? Ever since receiving that email from Telus, my PIKTV has been working as if a technician who had too much alcohol to drink, made aforementioned "improv...

robba1 by Friendly Neighbour
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resume episodes

What is the point of showing EVERY episode of a program in the resume tab?Is this app ever going to get a fix or are we waiting for summer vacation to be over?

Qix by Organizer
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