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Sleep mode

Just Moved In
Where the setting to adjust the sleep mode on the box? Seems to be set at four hours, but I want to change it.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I believe you would need to contact Telus to change that setting.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Jaycee7ca 


Yes, you are absolutely correct. The TELUS Optik TV PVR or Wireless HD Box will go into sleep/low power mode after 4 hours. Unfortunately there is no setting you, the consumer can change to increase the limit.

Solution: You can contact TELUS Home Service Technical Support to increase the time limit. As far as I am aware, this can be increased to a 24 hour time limit.


Options to contact TELUS support


  1. Live Chat - Go to then click the purple square on the bottom right of your screen to initiate a live chat.
    Avoid unnecessary transfers and waiting: Select TV Technical Support option.

  2. Phone - Go to then click phone, and call the number for TELUS Home Services in AB & BC
    Avoid unnecessary transfers and waiting: When the automated system asks for the reason for your call, say or select TV Technical Support

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Hope that helps!

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The timeout options are 4 hours (default), 24 hours and completely disable.

I called Telus this morning and asked for to have my auto shutoff extended to 24 hours, the customer service guy asked me why...not sure why my TV habits are of any concern to Telus, as long as I'm not doing anything illegal, not even sure what I could be doing illegally with my TV.  He did nothing.  Now I've been on the phone for 27minutes and 41 seconds (and counting) waiting to speak to a human again at Telus, so frustrating.  Not sure why I signed up with them again, laziness on my part I guess. 

I have a slightly different problem. I stream Stingray channels all the time and my 4K OptikTV box decides to shut down/sleep until I wake it up. In my opinion I am actively using that device and it should NOT be going to sleep. Why is this happening and how is it fixed??

Don't see that this is a different problem. It is the same question previously asked and answered. I had the same problem as I stream Stingray for lengthy periods as well. The timeout options are 4 hours (default), 24 hours and completely disable. I had mine set for 24 hours since I'd like it to shut off, in the event that I neglected to do so and was away for an extended period. This is not a user setting. You need to call Telus and have them change it for you. I'm guessing yours must be on the 4 hour default.

Fair enough I will get in touch with them thanks!