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Where the setting to adjust the sleep mode on the box? Seems to be set at four hours, but I want to change it.
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I believe you would need to contact Telus to change that setting.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Jaycee7ca 


Yes, you are absolutely correct. The TELUS Optik TV PVR or Wireless HD Box will go into sleep/low power mode after 4 hours. Unfortunately there is no setting you, the consumer can change to increase the limit.

Solution: You can contact TELUS Home Service Technical Support to increase the time limit. As far as I am aware, this can be increased to a 24 hour time limit.


Options to contact TELUS support


  1. Live Chat - Go to then click the purple square on the bottom right of your screen to initiate a live chat.
    Avoid unnecessary transfers and waiting: Select TV Technical Support option.

  2. Phone - Go to then click phone, and call the number for TELUS Home Services in AB & BC
    Avoid unnecessary transfers and waiting: When the automated system asks for the reason for your call, say or select TV Technical Support

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Hope that helps!

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The timeout options are 4 hours (default), 24 hours and completely disable.