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Ny new optik tv box doesnt auto shut off?

Helpful Neighbour
Had to upgrade my box cause my other one was 7 years old and crashed and i miss the feature where if you leave the box unattented for 4 hours it would auto shutoff. How do i have it back?

Helpful Neighbour

Not too sure if you are able to turn this feature on or off I believe Telus has to do it on their end. 


Telus did have this feature enabled to save power and bandwidth of unattended set top boxes. 


But it has been gone for a while now. Personally I didn't like that feature. If i want my TV on I will leave it on, if i want it off I will turn it off. 


I do think Telus should allow users to turn this feature on or off and be able to set the time limit. 



Any adjustment of the standby time, you must contact Telus via Facebook, Twitter, Live chat (Bottom right corner of the page) or by phone 1-888-811-2323. If you call, earlier is better as after 9am things become quite busy.


I believe the default was 6 hours before the box would shutdown. I had mine set to the maximum before it will shutoff. I believe like @WESTLOCK420 says if I want it off I will shut it off.

Not sure but I think the default was 4 hours (at least on my old set top box). Watching NFL on Sunday, the TV would suddenly go black and as the 

tv, set top box and receiver were all on the power control, it was a PITA to get it all sync'd again. Now it stays on, and goes off when I turn it off. 


Is there a timer setting like a sleep on a clock radio that can turn off the STB?