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Resolved! Acct Number

I don't have my original agreement so I can't find my acct number.Please help.

HelpMe1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Mistakenly paid account number

Hi i made a terrible mistake. I paid a telus bill and only to find out it did not much with my real telus account number.would there any possible for me to re-transfer that fund to put into my real account?

Iyah92 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Prepaid yearly mobile account

My yearly account has a large amount of money sitting in it. Phone only used when we travel (last year it was very little)..Top up early part of 2018 and if I don't you lose the money.... Can I use that money and buy another phone or apply it to my h...

polecat by All-Star
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Resolved! Nothing showing under usage. For mobility account. Pls help.

Hello.We have an account that has been shut off. But we are trying to determine the usage information. When I click on usage it comes up and says please click an account but then it is just blank.Why is this? How do I get this information. I need det...

MandyMac by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! No Loyalty from Telus

I recently called to look for a loyalty offer from Telus. There may have been a communication barrier with the agent or potentially a lack there of. I have 3 lines on a business account and have been with Telus for a number of years. I have paid clos...

C_Mc by Neighbour
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Resolved! Account showing less minutes than I should have

One question that I forgot to ask in my previous topic: When I renewed/transferred ownership of my number, the plan I picked came with 300 minutes. When I check my account though it only shows that I have 100.If I only have ten days between the start...

Moofey by Organizer
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Resolved! Getting double-dipped on overage charges

My number was part of a shared plan until about a week ago when I had ownership of my number transferred to my own account with a new plan. At the time of the transfer the shared plan was approx. ~300MB over its limit, which after the transfer I note...

Moofey by Organizer
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