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Change plan problem

Just Moved In

We currently have a pair of:

Peace of Mind - Unlimited Canada-US talk, text, and endless data (10GB High Speed)

with the family discount.

But doesn't look like we'll be going anywhere near the USA anytime soon so would like to change our plans to:

Peace of Mind Connect - Unlimited nationwide talk, text, and endless data (20GB High Speed)

But Telus says:

Heads up, you’ve agreed to stay on your Canada-US plan for the duration of your term. If you change your plan today, you’ll be charged a $100 service fee on your next bill.
That would be $100 for each line.
So what is the duration of my term? We have no contract AFAIK, as we brought our own phones.
Is it just to the end of the monthly bill, the 15th iirc?
If I switch on the last day of our bill cycle will we still be charged $100 each?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I always understood the term to be 2 years, even though the term ‘Term’ is usually applied to device purchases, as you state. The additional cost of the Canada- US plans is a $10 month premium over the similar Canada-only plans, I’d expect the goal is to prevent people buying the plan to cover a vacation or Snowbird season, then reverting to a cheaper plan, having had considerable usage in the US.


I suggest you call and ask, as Telus’ willingness to waive the $100 fee may depend on the use you have made of the product while in the US.

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Good advice!

Called up and it's all taken care of.