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Resolved! online banking

Hi what telus is it under to set up online banking? Telus communications or telus services? ???

Slimline remote

Programming: I get to the part where u hold the power button until the tv and box shut off---- how long should that take????

clover by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus business practices regarding sining up a customer

Telus sent a salesman to my door to lure me away from Shaw as I had not responded to Telus phone attemps. We discussed the matter at length seated at my table - all seemed right in spite of high pressure tactics. After installation I found important ...

telus0527 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Loyalty

It's great you want to expand your business and tempt new customers with free products. But what do your current customers get? As far as I am aware, nothing. Current customers who sign on for additional service(s), and customers who have been with y...

JEbrey by Just Moved In
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Seasonal Hold

Can I put my mobile hptspot on hold for a few months

MP by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet

Hi.I use my internet for gaming and i've noticed that the internet speed gets extremely slow when ever i play. i am currently paying for 50 MBps. When ever i start playing games, the internet speed goes down to around 5-10 MBps, and my ping goes up a...

roh911 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Accessing Netflix steps

How to I get Netflix through my Optix box? I KNOW I should be able to, so what are the STEPS?

Unable to add email account

I am unable to add an additional email account through the self serve pages. I get the following error message: We have insufficient information to process your request. Please initiate your request from "Your Accounts and Products" page. I have comp...

NFtoBC by Community Power User
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Resolved! email

When I check, the inbox is always empty. It appears that as soon as mail arrives in my computer, it disappears from the server. This wasn't always the case. Is the setting for this on my computer or on the Telus webpage.? Previously...

nosmada by Just Moved In
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