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[Megathread] TELUS Rewards

Community Manager
Community Manager

Looking for info about our TELUS Rewards program? You've come to the right thread. You'll find your answers here, but if you don't...feel free to ask your own question for our community to answer! From Amazon and PlayStation gift cards, to brand new electronics, and other great can earn points to redeem simply by being a valued TELUS customer! Let's check out some details on the program and how you can start earning!


How it Works

TELUS Rewards is a free program that enables eligible new and existing TELUS customers to earn points on their monthly bill and redeem them for amazing rewards. Earn 2% in points for every dollar spent on eligible Home Services, and an extra 2 points every month simply by linking your TELUS Post-paid Mobility account as long as its active! For example, if you spend $100 per month, you'll earn 2 points! There's also an Enrollment bonus just for starting up, and even a bonus on your anniversary! Get bonus points after each year of membership! Awesome!


If you have 2 or more of these products, you're eligible for our Rewards program:

- Home Phone

- Internet

- Optik TV

- Satellite TV

- Pik TV

- SmartHome Security

- A linked Post-paid TELUS Mobility account


How to Sign Up

It's easy! All you need to do is sign up via your My TELUS account. Visit our page HERE and simply click on the green 'Access your rewards' button to get started. If you don't have a My TELUS account, there's a link right below that button to get you registered. Then you can start earning!



For answers to any other questions you may have, be sure to check out our handy FAQ page or reach out to our team at 1-888-811-2323 to speak with our team!


It's under the Telus Services category. I just used it a couple of days ago. Note that you can only redeem for Telus services credit once every 12 months.

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I don't see the option to select to use rewards $50 credit to pay towards bill.  Is it discontinued or not in the rewards catalog?

@Hder  Its there  go to your account follow the rewards catalog it's a long way down on the list,

It's under the Telus Services category. I just used it a couple of days ago. Note that you can only redeem for Telus services credit once every 12 months.

I've redeemed for a bill credit for years now, but I can't find the option anymore! No "TELUS Services" category either

I can’t find the option for Telus services either. How would you pay the bill using Telus rewards?
Thank you

Yes, I had the same question. I cannot find the bill credit option anywhere.

Can you tell me how you were able to navigate to this category.  I was just told by a service rep that this redeemption option is no longer available. 

How long does it take for a redeemed item to be processed.  I ordered 2 Amazon Gift cards 3 days ago and still not sent to my email?????  This is my 1st redemption othe than applying as a credit/payment to my account.

@GaryZ1  Made same mistake. Use rewards to get 100 $ prepaid mastercard it took over 4 months for it to show up. Never again as soon as it gets to 25 it goes on account. Good luck maybe. Polecat 

Waiting 3 or more days for shipping from a vendor during Black Friday/Cyber Monday week shouldn't surprise anyone. As for Amazon gift cards specifically, they come from Amazon and you can imagine how busy they were this week.

I saw some text on the TELUS Rewards page telling me to link my TELUS Mobility account to earn extra points, but I couldn't find any instructions on how to do this. Has anyone been able to do this?



Community Power User
Community Power User

There is a ‘link accounts’ option in My Telus once you login, however all mobility accounts are not eligible. For instance, business accounts or other corporate linked accounts such as discounted employee accounts are ineligible.


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Hello, I redeemed points for On Demand Rewards and one was a five pack which should have been good for 120 days but when I purchased an On Demand Movie yesterday no coupon was applied. Is there a way to see my coupons left before I order the movie that has a cost?

I saw our coupons when we access "On Demand" on our PVR. On the left is a section for "Deals | Coupons". They were there with an expiration date as well as other information.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

I see the 3 dollar movies but no accounting of On Demand Credits I purchased with my reward points. Thanks though....

Not sure why this is listed as "Solved" because it is not. I have the same problem. I know where the coupons are "supposed to be". I had six coupons when I subscribed and I know the expiry date. I used three of them, most recently just within the last couple of days. So, same situation here. I went into the "On Demand" yesterday, only to find $3 movies in the "Deals/Coupons" section. There were no coupons there, not even a listing of my used ones. The balance was due to expire in October. Now I have nothing. Since it appears that I am the second one to post about this, TELUS is for some reason deleting coupons!

Friendly Neighbour

I have had this same problem two or three times. My coupons wouldnt show up under deals/coupons. After calling Telus they would reinstate the coupons with a new expiry date of 90 days. 


The service rep told me that couponing is in the order/ billing system and a data feed is sent to the pvr software. Clearly there is some sort of bug in the feed.


I was also WARNED to ensure that the coupons show up on the pvr. if not you will be charged for the movie even though you have coupons.


The whole couponing system is a mess. Coupons are supposedly valid only for 90 days. Yet i have received coupons which had a 120 day expiry.


Bottom line is be careful and dont expect any fixes for a long time as the software vendors for the pvr vs ordering and billing are different systems which dont play very well together.




Called in today. So apparently despite my coupons showing me that I had a 120 day expiry, it was, in fact, according to the rep, only 90 days because there is apparently no 120 day option for coupons. He kept referring to a "template" and some back-end issue as he has received other calls on the same issue. Despite TELUS knowing about issues, I'm not sure why it takes them so long to fix things, similar to the ongoing problems with the radio channels that will apparently take months to fix. Also, I am not sure why they don't contact customers about known problems or post on on their website. If your missing coupons were reinstated for 90 days, consider yourself lucky because mine were (supposedly) reinstated for only 30 days yet they will not show up on my system for at least 24 hours according to the rep. Also, once your coupons expire (legitimately or otherwise), the entire history is immediately erased from the system so there is no way to even see the history of your coupons used. 

Friendly Neighbour

1. I was told by the rep that all coupons are for 90 days only. So why did my previous coupons show a 120 day expire? no answer. my guess is as they developed the couponing system they have now decided that all future coupons expire in 90 days.


2. my missing coupons were reinstated for 90 days. I am not sure why they did not provide you the same courtesy. maybe i tend to be very demanding.


3. the software systems as i mentioned are all probably from different vendors. its possible that only the vendors can make software changes which would explain why these changes take so long to implement.


4. i will also told it takes 24-48 hours for your coupons to show up in the pvr menu from the time of selecting your reward.


5. absolutely make sure your coupons display on the pvr before using them or else you will be billed for the movie.


6. on my pvr it is still showing coupons that are marked “used” from june. i have noticed that eventually this history will disappear as you stated.


7. as for Telus keeping us updated on problems, my guess is negative news isnt good for marketing. I find this forum the best place for support as other customers post their problems and get more up to date information and support.

Most of this makes sense. A little worried about "I was told by the rep that all coupons are for 90 days only" when the rep emphasized that my coupons will only be good for 30 days. I was surprised that the whole history was erased within days of ordering but the system did say "Coupon Available" before I ordered. I always check my coupon credits before ordering. Hopefully, my missing credits will appear.