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Credit Report

I’m not really sure what to say here. I grew up in B.C. Had a Telus cell account for 13 years, internet and a land line way back when. I left B.C. In 2014, and put my cell # of 13 years on hold/ dormant. When I returned, 6 months later, my # had be s...

Resolved! Scam?

I received a phone call from the number +1 866-558-4146, asking what motivated me to leave telus (I recently move to other company). So I give her my reasons, ans she said that she had an awesome offer. So I proceeded with the call, and I asked her a...

Andoria by Just Moved In
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Playback Error - Decoder Failed

Using an adroid tablet when in the Telus TV+ app and click on any recordings I get "Playback Error - Video playback unavailable, error TVPE-99999. Decorder Failed:". I also get this error when I go into Guide and select a chann...

VP84 by Friendly Neighbour
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Worst customer service.

After being a Telus customer since the late 90’s I have to say this is the worst customer service ever. Over 2 hours to get a replacement Apple Watch activated. Numerous arguments with the agents (yes multiple agents), being told what I wanted wasn’t...

TBone81 by Just Moved In
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Billing issues after account closed

I have closed my mobility services with Telus in January of this year (2024) due to moving to other country. I called the customer service. Was redirected to the billing department. I’ve paid all the outstanding balance and was told everything was ok...

Dropped calls in GTA and outside of GTa

Does anyone else experienced non stopped drop calls with Telus network? For the past two years my wife and I are not able to connect any calls and if they do connect they drop off. Wondering if anyone else in the GTA is experiencing this?

cralph by Just Moved In
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Resolved! MMS forwarding

Hi, I’m a vintage phone enthusiast and basically put my smartphone in a drawer as much as I can. When my sim is in an older device, I can usually get call/text/data with my plan - but not always mms. When I get an mms message to one of these devices,...

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