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Telus no longer Blacklists Stole Phone IMEI numbers

So kids phone got stolen today at knifepoint and multiple attempts to contact Telus to report the phone as stolen has resulted in nothing but them tying to sell me an Avanti service for $8 to protect the account. This is completely unacceptable at th...

Willpoz by Neighbour
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Mobility Online Order

Hello, I placed an online order for a new phone and a change to my current plan. I completed the transaction and got the webpage that says that I successfully completed the order and that I will receive a confirmation email shortly.I never received t...

Joey_79 by Neighbour
  • 4 replies
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Deceptive sales tactics hep

Anybody know how to reach someone to make a complaint about deceptive tactics? I recently switched over from another provider only to discover that what I had agreed-upon was not what they ended up charging me. I’ve spent 20+ hours on the phone. no o...

Resolved! Great call experience

Mehrshad from internet loyalty dept is the best agent to talk to. He definetly must a have raise in his salary. I can sense that he knows his job so well and tools to use to help me as quick as possible. Talks very calm and understands my situation. ...

Nomnom by Friendly Neighbour
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Online upgrade issue?

I bought a phone upgrade and I’ve only got a few weeks left to return my old phone before being billed like $450 for the “not” bringing it back fee… never got any confirmation. This is my second time trying to order the upgrade. Everything goes throu...

TheCake by Just Moved In
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Tried of slow data connection

This service is so annoying, I’m ready to go back to Roger’s. I’ve called multiple times about how slow the connection is. Can make calls and send txt no problem. But then Google or Spotify won’t even load. Multiple speed tests 1-5mbps. Unbelievable ...

BigEasy by Neighbour
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Data Block was $0 now it's $5/month ?

Hello, I have a basic talk and text legacy plan (no data) that I obtained through an Employee Purchase Plan through my employee association. I signed up in December of 2011, for a 3 year contract that included a device. The contract has long since ex...

Matt1 by Organizer
  • 3 replies
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Better Chat Representation

Chat started with ChristelHi! Thanks for contacting TELUS Business Chat Support, My name is Ellie. How may I help you?Christel 12:19 Hi, we recently received a cheque Invoice #327XXXXXCan you confirm that this is an invoice for (our company)? I'm ass...

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