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Telus junk

Yo how f*****g long does my phone have to not work with full bars before they stop charging me 300 f*****g dollars

Nate227 by Neighbour
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Loyalty offer

Ok, I tried for weeks to claim a loyalty offer that was that offered a far cheaper plan with unlimited data, slowed after 100gb data, a galaxy s24 for $5 a month. I couldn't get the **bleep** thing to go through online and never got a callback. Now t...

Ken73 by Neighbour
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Dropping and horrible reception

I am having SO MANY issues, that I have never had before, with Telus reception. Everywhere, not just in my housei can't even think of answering my phone in my house, whereas before I could no question. I try outside, and it cut in and out. Everyday, ...

AliciaT by Neighbour
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Removing call Logs from Bill

Can Telus remove the call logs from the bill statements for privacy reasons? I have a business account and as I add employees, I really do not want pages and pages of call logs on my statement and bills. This is also for privacy reasons of all indivi...

Streaming throttling

Hi, why is there such throttling of streaming from my mobile device? I’m on a 5G+ plan (with a 15 Pro Max phone), but I can barely watch Twitch or YouTube at 720p. Speedtest always shows 200+ Mbps and otherwise the internet is really fast, but what i...

kusius by Neighbour
  • 12 replies
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Group texts not working

Samsung S10. Group texts not working, then later in the day it started working again. Exactly same issue with my wife's S10 phone. This happened on Monday, July 15 and again today. Individual texting worked fine.

Timp by Neighbour
  • 2 replies
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Mobile prepaid top up

Hi,I have set up my daughters pre paid account for an auto top up through a Credit Card. I was surprised to find that Telus has charged my card 11 times for the minimum top up amount over 2 days. But the balance is $0 and she cannot make any phone ca...

bghosh29 by Neighbour
  • 4 replies
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Price increase

The price of my service increased without a notice. When I contacted Telus they tell me the increase was sent on a bill a few months ago on page 11 of 12. The increase was for 3G service on a phone I have they said. When I gave them the info on the p...

Mirmir1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Cost of texts

5+ Unlimited US, Canada, Mexico. Plan says unlimited talk, text in the US. In a subset of plan details it says texts are $.60/per. So the “cost” of texts is not part of the “special price”! It seems a little underhanded buyer Beware

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