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Discuss and/or ask questions about TELUS Mobility devices and equipment.

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Discuss and/or ask questions about TELUS Mobility services and solutions.

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WiFi Calling Not Working

Device: pixel 6 proI just returned from travels and my wifi callings seems to have stopped working. The setting screen says calling over mobile network. However when airplane mode is turned on, wifi calling starts working. As soon as network is conne...

Telus you rock!

Im a scout leader and taking my scouts on a trip this summer! Telus you were the only carrier that was able to help me out with making it clear to my parents how roaming worked and able to make it clear how charges would be made if the youth happened...

Horrible service

I am tired of Telus and their billing service. They keep adding extra stuff to. Won’t even give me a notice from getting shut off. I am not resigning a contract with them!

Network Problem

I am experiencing a problem in my phone (iPhone 14 pro). It is disconnecting my data calls(Especially WhatsApp, messenger) when i am calling using mobile data. It showing as reconnecting every 5 seconds and loosing signal strengths suddenly even i am...

D_sahan by Neighbour
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Lost my phone last year.

I lost my my phone last year. I didn't take the insurance, my bad, so I've been paying for the phone, Galaxy S23 Ultra, for the past year. I'd like to pay it off now. Any idea how much it will cost me?

4g/5g mobile data stopped working on all devices.

Two days ago, all phones and tablets on my account (5 devices) stopped being able to use mobile data when connected to 4g or 5g network. I've had to go into all settings and switch to 3g. Is this happening to anyone else? When will this be fixed?

Mars by Just Moved In
  • 9 replies
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