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Where is my phone?

I did an online device trade in with Telus back in December 2023. According to Telus Device Trade-in instructions, I should get notified by SMS when they have received and assessed my device but I didn’t receive anything from them at all. I started t...

cindy_t by Just Moved In
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I am still getting calls with blocked numbers going to voice mail I find thisd annoying can telus fix or upo date systerm one a caller blocked from Bell home lines it says caller is not excepting calls from you thanks

HOTROD2024 by Friendly Neighbour
  • 1 replies
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Iphone 13

Has any one had issues with 13 I phone ? thanks I heard cause there smaller then I phone XR and 12 and 7 7 plus alot cant hear conversation they have to yell to be heard. thanks

HOTROD2024 by Friendly Neighbour
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Complaint about the mobility data signal

I'd like to file a complaint against Telus technical service. Last month, I switched my mobile plan from call/text to a 100GB data plan because my newly rented apartment didn't have wifi installed yet. However, starting on the fourth day of the plan,...

Erin2 by Neighbour
  • 5 replies
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Decreasing service quality

I am located in Port Alberni BC. Has there been a change in towers, configuration or service of some type for the area? I have been a Telus mobility user for years and for the past several months I've noticed that my service signal across now 3 diffe...

Poor cell service Murrayville, BC

My cell calls keep dropping or people say they phone me and it goes straight to voicemail but my phone doesn't ring. I called Telus and they said because the lamps were changed in Murrayville the cell service is terrible and it's not in their budget ...

Schneagle by Just Moved In
  • 3 replies
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Some messages not going through

Greetings, I found out (by accident) that my friend wasn't receiving some text messages, and sometimes they will receive a single message twice. I tested it by trying to send this message from Google Messages to my other device, which is using Samsun...

Shane by Leader
  • 6 replies
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Rate Increase

I had two phones on my account. When I received my February 2024 bill I noted that one of the phones was at the same rate as previously, probably due to it being on a contract. The other phone which is only for emergency/unanticipated situation use a...

Me21 by Just Moved In
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