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Scammers Or Legit

I was perusing Reddit. A reply was made by ?Telus staff, to email [email protected]. I sent a benign email with a question.Reply. Will get back in 3-4 hours but text this number (855) 645-3159 is quick for replies.This Telus? A scammer? Anyone else se...

Mam by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! 5G

Does anyone have this issue ? When you are supposed to be in a 5G area you get 5G plus then it returns to LTE never just 5G, the plus area is small but when in a 5G area it should stay on 5G not LTE. Occasionally if you surf the will flas...

nash211 by Coach
  • 6 replies
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Checking for scam

My wife got a call and I answered it for her and chatted to a telus guy Deepak. She thinks she might have reached out to telus for security or something.Offered for 4 lines 34 bucks with i think unlimited canada wide with 30gb each.And just under or ...

Trarki by Just Moved In
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Poor Condo service

I live in a condo on the water near the US border and we only receive US providers for cell service inside our condo. The only service we can get from Telus is in the hallway or in the lobby. The Telus’s wifi acts weird and disconnects when the Telus...

Pfs67 by Just Moved In
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Super Slow and unreliable LTE & 5G

Switched to Telus from Rogers a few months ago and am on their business 5G account. Switched cause of the deal I got, but have been finding the LTE/5G to be horrible. I'm in Richmond, but go to Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Coquitlam often. In every...

TKO604 by Just Moved In
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Store policy

Visited a recent store location before entering the store I was asked for ID. My concern is that there was a google nest at the front door possibly recording my ID etc. Without fully agreeing to it because I had no choice. I believe there is a better...

AndySil by Just Moved In
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Regularly loosing phone connection

Hello, I live in St-Lazare, Quebec. For the past week or so, when I call someone on my phone, the connection just dies within 5 mins and I need to call the person back again. After a few callback to the same person, it seems ok for longer. This is a ...

Steffan by Just Moved In
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