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How do you get Service retention service.?

I was with Telus for a very long time prior so here’s my story last year March I took over my phone which was a company phone. I was told a certain rate a month 180 that was the least amount two years payout in 1000. I also got the insurance in case ...

Formal complaint

A manager advised a supervisor would call me back after 24-48 hours. No call back and been almost two weeks. Submitted escalation form a week ago and no callback. Is this normal behaviour? Does Telus just say they will call back and never do?

insisted by Just Moved In
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I was going to upgrade and get a new phone, will I be able to keep my current number if I switch plans ??

Loss of cell signal on new Pixel 8 phones

Since the june update two of the four new pixel 8 phones on my family plan have lost all signal on 5g and the only way to get it working again was to bring the phone to local Telus store and have them change settings to LTE only. The store's service ...

cbull by Just Moved In
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Swap plans on numbers for same account

Hi, I have only recently started a 2 year term plan with Telus that I can’t use, since my preferred phone is 3G. Telus doesn’t support 2G/3G networks and mms doesn’t work with older models. Right now I’m using a secondary SIM with Rogers as my main p...

Telus no longer Blacklists Stole Phone IMEI numbers

So kids phone got stolen today at knifepoint and multiple attempts to contact Telus to report the phone as stolen has resulted in nothing but them tying to sell me an Avanti service for $8 to protect the account. This is completely unacceptable at th...

Willpoz by Neighbour
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International Roaming

I was in Europe for a 16 days in June. I purchased a 15GB eSim for $30 that covers the whole of Europe and it worked great.I would have preferred using your EasyRoaming services as I it would be easier and seamless. However at 16 days X $16= $256 the...

Gromoro by Just Moved In
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Terrible Customer Service

I opened couple of Telus Accounts, with new phones. Everything came within 2 weeks, and then once I set up my account, Telus suspended my account. They didnt give any notice or asked any question, just suspended the account. Since it was the weekend,...


So I noticed that voicemails are different now and that sometimes it’ll be a female or male saying “your call has been forwarded to voicemail the person you are trying to reach is not available” and then the other one will be a female saying “you hav...

56789 by Just Moved In
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