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Pixel 8

Recently there are lots of people selling their BNIB Pixel 8 in marketplace, most of them are from Telus, if it is a 'bring it back' phone, what will happen if the person stop paying. Is there anyway to avoid.

No Service in the US

Once again I am in the US an unable to send or receive phone calls despite having the US-Canada Plan. I went to a Telus store in Vancouver and was told they could not resolve the issue in Canada and would have to wait until I was in the US. So here I...

Mango63 by Just Moved In
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Device Care

It dosent look like there is a repair center in Kamloops? I went to the Mobile klinik in Aberdeen Mall but they told me they do not do insurance claims.Looks like my only option is to drive 2 hours to Kelowna ?

ralcra by Just Moved In
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Adding a person to my plan

I have an account that i dont use all of the data on every month. Is there a way to add another person to this plan so they get access to the data i am not using? If so, how much extra does it cost and are they required to use a telus phone?

SGB by Just Moved In
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Bring it back program is a joke

I didn't realize most people have their mobile contract in hand to know when to bring back their phone on time with the bring it back program. I missed the date to bring it back by, and they charged me for the phone. I called Telus and asked if I cou...

Ulefone Armor 26

Telus doesn't seem to offer any phones with micro SD options which interest me, and that means looking elsewhere for phones. The Sonim XP10 simply doesn't offer me what I want for the price, as far as storage and memory go. I'm curious about the Ulef...

I deleted my eSIM

I got a new phone and I successfully transferred all my data to the new phone. When I was going to transfer my SIM card over, it gave me the option to convert my SIM to an eSIM. I did so without really reading what would happen so I did not know that...

esimfix by Just Moved In
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Stream plus

Anyone else paying for stream plus but isn’t getting all the services? Or Disney plus isn’t on there yet?

Brk14 by Just Moved In
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WiFi Calling Not Working

Device: pixel 6 proI just returned from travels and my wifi callings seems to have stopped working. The setting screen says calling over mobile network. However when airplane mode is turned on, wifi calling starts working. As soon as network is conne...

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