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having issues

I need to call telus about how my phone isn't registered and that when I tried to call telus to ask for help it didn't work.. also I tried to log into the app but it said I wasn't registered.. is there any other way to contact telus?! I need help ple...

New Customer / Ready to go back to Shaw

We recently signed up with business mobility. We spoke to a rep on Dec 6 , we were told as soon as we receive the sim cards we can begin using right away. We made arrangements to change our numbers over and around 2weeks later we received our SIM car...

AJPye by Just Moved In
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Telus Mobility Scamming

Last year in March i called telus for my internet services issue and then the customer rep said they have good mobility plans, I told them its fine and they opened account and they said i will get SIM cards in mail but after couple months waiting we ...

Sudesh by Just Moved In
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Connection fee

I tried to get two new phones on line and ended up going to the Telus store for them. Got bill and was charged a connection fee plus an extended warranty fee for both phones which was not mentioned at all. Service rep on line was able to cancel said ...

Br99 by Just Moved In
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TELUS inactivate our phone line without permission

Telus deactivated our mobility account in the Telus App, and we are not receiving any messages or calls. We can't even call you guys to fix your own mistake! This issue began when we tried to fix our rate in January. Kim, the agent who processed our ...

Wian by Neighbour
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Customer Service

Hi I am looking for the phone number to call to speak to a representative and wondering if they are available in the weekend. I want to make payment arrangements and tried to on chat, however they told me I have to call.

ShawnH by Friendly Neighbour
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4g/5g mobile data stopped working on all devices.

Two days ago, all phones and tablets on my account (5 devices) stopped being able to use mobile data when connected to 4g or 5g network. I've had to go into all settings and switch to 3g. Is this happening to anyone else? When will this be fixed?

Mars by Just Moved In
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