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Complaint about the mobility data signal

I'd like to file a complaint against Telus technical service. Last month, I switched my mobile plan from call/text to a 100GB data plan because my newly rented apartment didn't have wifi installed yet. However, starting on the fourth day of the plan,...

Erin2 by Just Moved In
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Support Up Selling and not resolving issues

Spent just over 2 hours on the phone with OFF-SHORE support. Few things I noticed:1. Every agent I was supposedly passed to had the same voice inflection and mannerisms. Is this normal?2. Instead of trying to resolve the issues, I was constantly bein...

Vio1 by Just Moved In
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Trade ins

I was given a quote for the phone I sent in the email said it would take 14 days to get me my payment that was back on February 1st 2024 it's now February 28th with no credit and I've sent 5 emails but have yet to get a response any ideas?

Rate Increase

I had two phones on my account. When I received my February 2024 bill I noted that one of the phones was at the same rate as previously, probably due to it being on a contract. The other phone which is only for emergency/unanticipated situation use a...

Me21 by Just Moved In
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price match on new device

i ordered a new samsung s24 ultra 512gb and before i even received the device telus lowered the price. how can i get the price match.

Faisal by Just Moved In
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I find it quite amazing how you stand behind a wall of non-communication (by this I mean you don’t mean to facilitate interaction). I have been a client of Koodo ( you know, your low-grade offering) for over a decade as a mobile client. Over the cour...

Poor cell service Murrayville, BC

My cell calls keep dropping or people say they phone me and it goes straight to voicemail but my phone doesn't ring. I called Telus and they said because the lamps were changed in Murrayville the cell service is terrible and it's not in their budget ...

Does Telus still support email-text MMS?

Does Telus still support email-text MMS? I used to send mms from my outlook to phone by, but apparently not working anymore. Someone has suggested to add leading 1 in front of 10digit#, but it works only sometimes. Any ...

Timz by Just Moved In
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