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Stream +

Am I wrong ? DId the Stream package not used to include discovery plus ? I'm seeing now its Disney and Netflix and Amazon ?

mike76 by Organizer
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So, I have a Telus mobility debt in collections. My main concern is that my ex had lost the original phone on the bring it back plan o had her on. Then she got a new phone and signed some papers ect..but now that phone and her bill has become my debt...

Grayson by Just Moved In
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Super Slow and unreliable LTE & 5G

Switched to Telus from Rogers a few months ago and am on their business 5G account. Switched cause of the deal I got, but have been finding the LTE/5G to be horrible. I'm in Richmond, but go to Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Coquitlam often. In every...

TKO604 by Just Moved In
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About a week ago people have been trying to call/text me and was not able to get through. I am however able to call and text people just not receive. Not sure what's going on.

How do I stop Telus telemarketers from calling me

I am a Telus mobility customer and soon after I became a customer I started receiving multiple calls every week from Telus telemarketers trying to sell me different Telus mobility phone packages. Its by far the most frequent telemarketing call that I...

Resolved! Misinformed by Telus EPP agent

I called in and spoke to a Telus agent on December 24th and inquired about returning my device, for one with more storage as it ended up being a better deal because I was within the 15 day trial period, the agent assured me I had until January 4th be...

Resolved! New Customer / Ready to go back to Shaw

We recently signed up with business mobility. We spoke to a rep on Dec 6 , we were told as soon as we receive the sim cards we can begin using right away. We made arrangements to change our numbers over and around 2weeks later we received our SIM car...

AJPye by Just Moved In
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