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Poor cell signal

We just moved into Keswick Landing and are experiencing the worst cell reception ever. We have three cell phone with our plan. This service is not worth the money we spend with Telus with this crappy service. You need to fix this. You pride yourself ...

Moving to another provider

It took 4 hours on the phone to get your reps to move my account from a business to a personal one. Once the account was finally moved, your rep told me that the only low-priced plan he could offer me was a $35/mo one that had fewer features than the...

PaulW by Neighbour
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New phone

New phones come with a new sim card and give you the option to use the new or your old one.I am inclined to use the new one , is there any reason I should not ?

ralcra by Neighbour
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Password reset by some Telus associate

I got a call from Telus mobility promotion team associate Jack Smith Code Jack 1432, he asked me for my username and password and sin and when I refused to do so, he tried to reset my password and tried to get my Telus account without my permission. ...

Jagjit by Just Moved In
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Extra data charges

Confused as to extra billing charges recently on my Telus monthly bill and exceedingly long wait as per trying to talk to an agent. if travelling I do have the Easy Roam plan but I have not been travelling but all of a sudden am getting extra data us...

Resolved! iMessage phone numbers on phone bill

Hello,I was wonder if with iMessage while hooked up to wifi or data if the number or numbers that are being messaged will show up on my phone bill, or if it shows up as data used?

Mobileop by Just Moved In
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Poor Plan Options

Is it just me or do the plans on offer seem like they are very poor in terms of options. I don't need 200 GB of data. I have wifi and internet with Telus. Why would I need 200 GB's .120 is more than enough for me and my wife but the only option for u...

Jjmh1991 by Just Moved In
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Bring It Back Program and Telus is so untrustworthy

So my term was up, usually I go in store to do the bring it back but I’ve done it a good few times now so I figured I’d save myself time and do it online.Never. Again.I got the text saying my phones been accepted so look out for a credit, great! I kn...

bailx13 by Friendly Neighbour
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