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Resolved! Terrible reception

I moved to Stouffville Ontario almost a year ago. Once we moved we were no longer able to make calls, calls will fail, couldn’t hear people. I couldn’t even call Telus to complaint. I had to drive to Markham to get service to call Telus about this is...

Harpkaur by Just Moved In
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I want to disable my voicemail

I have called and spoken to 2 different reps who both times said they had removed it from my account and both times they had not. When I boot up my phone, I get the notification of "new voicemail" and it wants me to set up voicemail, which I don't wa...

Stop getting alerts when travelling to other countires

Hi, I travel between Canada and the US every day for work and am constantly getting messages like “welcome back to Canada!” etc. Hoping for a way to turn off text messages from Telus each time I change countries, without just blocking the number (I s...

DylanH by Just Moved In
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Poor Network in my home area

I am with Telus with 2 lines. At my home address, the network connection is Very very very very poor. Even though I have enabled the WIFI calling, the calls gets disconnected or the other person can't hear anything. Even on the driveway out side my h...

Credit Report

I’m not really sure what to say here. I grew up in B.C. Had a Telus cell account for 13 years, internet and a land line way back when. I left B.C. In 2014, and put my cell # of 13 years on hold/ dormant. When I returned, 6 months later, my # had be s...

Dropped calls

I live in sw Calgary. Near the rockyview hospital. I work on Southland drive. I am constantly getting dropped calls at home and near work. Telus mobility reception is terrible on Southland between 14 st sw and 24 street and from Southland drive to Gl...

5xazd by Just Moved In
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Playback Error - Decoder Failed

Using an adroid tablet when in the Telus TV+ app and click on any recordings I get "Playback Error - Video playback unavailable, error TVPE-99999. Decorder Failed:". I also get this error when I go into Guide and select a chann...

VP84 by Friendly Neighbour
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