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Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

As your vacation time draws nearer, many of you are likely already daydreaming about your next trip. We put together some tips on traveling with your device to enhance your experience.  


Before your trip

It’s best to plan before you travel. The first thing to consider is whether you plan to actively use your device while roaming or with WiFi only (where available).


Roaming on your phone would provide a seamless experience as you would use your device, in the same manner, you would at home. We recommend adding an Easy Roam pass.


For more information about Easy Roam, please click here. 


Without an Easy Roam, all incoming and outgoing calls, outgoing text messages, and cellular data usages would be billed on a pay-per-use basis.


During your trip

Once you arrive at your destination, calling and texting should work immediately. You will be connected to a TELUS roaming partner in that region and may see their name on your device.


If you experience issues connecting to one of our roaming partners, check out this article for some tips. 


Call or text from abroad back to Canada

To call or text, dial or type + (press and hold zero), 1, the area code, and then the local phone number (e.g. +1 416 555 5555).


Data roaming

To enable cellular data, an extra step is required. Please go into your device settings, and enable “Data Roaming On.”



How to use your device on WiFi only

When traveling, you don’t necessarily need to use cellular services where WiFi is a sufficient alternative.

To disable cellular services and connect to WiFi only, tap on settings and turn airplane mode ON. Your device will disconnect from all networks.


Next, manually turn WiFi back on. This method will ensure your device connects to WiFi only.

For the rest of your trip, keep airplane mode on until you return home.


Pro-tip for those who cannot be disconnected completely, consider the following:

  • Incoming text messages are free
  • There are no charges if you don’t place or take a call

If you keep your device connected to the cellular network, with data roaming turned off, your device will receive all incoming text messages for free, and you can see who is calling you.


Please note pay per use rates apply for any connected incoming/outgoing calls, or when a text message is sent from your device.


Contact us

For roaming support, call us from your TELUS device by dialing *611 or 1-416-940-5995, it’s a free call.


If you experience issues upon landing, click here for some troubleshooting tips.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Also don't forget charging cables, etc., and possibly an extra battery or external power pak. Also don't forget your earphones - there will be many instances where you will likely find them useful.

If you want a GPS while travelling, there are a number of choices which store maps on your phone, rather than needing a cellular connection to download maps.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Great tips @NFtoBC! 8-)

CPU Alum
CPU Alum


  • Another vote for an external battery... Don't be a wall hugger on your vacation.
  • Love my powerbars.  There's never enough outlets for my phone, tablet, laptop, gps, camera, camera flash, and backup equipment carried by my fellow travel companion(s).  However in recent travels, I am now switching to affordable 3 and 6 outlet taps.  These devices are lighter and take up less luggage space without the extension cord.  Cruise ships also don't like powerbars, especially those with surge protectors.
  • How many transformers are we carrying?  There are now USB powerhubs.  So one transformer can charge multiple devices at one time, more luggage space!
  • If you are not using the wifi..... put the phone into airplane mode or turn the phone off.  This maximizes battery life as the phone is not scanning for an available wifi signal.
  • If you want to guarantee no roaming charges... remove the SIM card.  There's been situations where travellers think they are on wifi.... however when you walk into a part of the room that lacks coverage.... the phone can sometimes switch to cellular roaming data without you knowing.
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