why is my sim card not working


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I have a Nokia windows phone with the micro sim card and I keep putting it in and its not working for me it's saying invalid sim when it's a telus phone and it worked before some one help or fix the problem please

Try putting another sim card in from a friend. If it works, then you'll have to get your sim card changed. It should be a free change, since there's a limited warranty on the sim card. Also, try plugging your sim card into a friend's phone.


If both cards don't work, then your phone needs to be sent in for warranty.

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Telus was great about giving me a new SIM free of charge. I talked to this on twitter and they credited my account for the cost of the SIM card, I just went immediately to a store and got a new one! Love it!

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Your original sim is covered with the 1 year manufacturer warranty. Bring your phone in store and they will determine if your sim needs to be replaced or if your phone needs to be sent for repair.
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Hi, Kailamann

Check whether your sim is placed properly in the slot. Try to reinsert the Sim. Still if you face the same problem then your phone might be locked to particular Network. To solve this problem you need to get it unlocked. You can unlock your Nokia phone using unlock code. You can get the unlock code for your phone from your Network service provider or any third party online vendors like WickedUnlock.com here you need to specify your phone model,country, current Network name, IMEI number of your phone. Then they deliver unlock code to you through mail with unlocking instructions. Using this you can unlock your phone from Network lock easily.