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unlimited data finally here

ya but just in the US the 4 majors have it.

For our American friends it seems like happy days are here again. Today AT&T will join Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in offering its customers an unlimited data plan. And it gets better: both Sprint and T-Mobile announced this week that they'll be eliminating restrictions on HD video streaming.

According to DSL Reports, customers on the T-Mobile ONE Plan will have to enable HD streaming with a one-time opt-in via the T-Mobile app. As of today, that option should be available at no additional cost to the user.

As for Sprint, that carrier previously throttled all streaming music, video and game traffic; for unthrottled services customers had to pay an additional fee. With their new unlimited data plan that's no longer the case.

There may be some soft data caps with these new plans. Verizon, for example, reserves the right to throttle data after 22 GB "during periods of network congestion". And tethering may be subject to data caps as well. But let's keep things in perspective here. In a neighbouring country where a smartphone user can easily be charged upwards of $100/month for only a few gigabytes of data, we Canadians can only look on in envy.

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The market in the states is huge compared to Canada that is vastly spread out with low levels of population density. Just the state of California alone trumps all of Canada. The markets are very different with customer bases and actual customers in an area. It's way cheaper for Cell companies to upgrade, maintain and offer (unlimited data) as competition. they are fighting in a huge markets to gain a share of customers.


Canada the networks are spread out to serve a lower number of customers and have a much higher cost to service those areas.

I understand the statistics of population between the 2. but telus bell and Roger's should be doing the same. maybe not to the same degree but why can they not have what you pay for and after throttle the line to 3g after to stop overages. some people pay 100$ a month for a terrible plan and this should be a feature for everyone. get your 1 or 2 etc gigs whatever you plan is at lte+ and then once that kicks out you're stuck to 3g to avoid tethering hogging etc. or like I said in another post have rollover data for unused up to 5 gigs banked. these canadian companies need to start showing they care. yes customer service upgrades are nice but the bottom line for an country that get tax raped in every department ie ontario we need a break.

I can't speak to Bell or Rogers but Telus does not throttle. That is part of the premium prices you pay. You will get the same speeds and coverage for your entire data cycle no matter how much you use. Telus does have a fair usage policy and if you abusive it than you will be threatened with being disconnected off the network. However they do offer up to 60gb packages now so that no longer seems to be an issue. It's the smaller companies like freedom, fido etc that throttle because their networks cannot handle the over usage of high data users. Telus's network can. 

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that is a poor excuse. if you pay for 5 gigs of data we get premium service like you said. but after that we should get 2 or 3g speed unlimited after to avoid hogging the lines. if you want more data at the premium speed then people can add a 1 gig bundle or more to avoid being on 2 or 3g speeds. this is a service you need to be offering. you tell the people who can only afford 1 gig data that pay your company they can go over their rates and pay more for same service. they'll tell you off. you off them a 2g 3g unlimited speed after that they will be dedicated to your company forever. wake up $$$$ pigs


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so this is your reply a public announcement instead of a private message about what I can only see that you think is wrong is when I said $$$ pigs. very unprofessional of you. yet other posts have vulgarity and I do not see a post like yours pointing that out. you seem like a soar loser who cannot handle a debate. please refrain from replying and allow people who have an open mind participate thanks. next time private message the person and explain what specific area is wrong in your eyes as a telus employee and odds are they will edit the desired area out.

What tower do you live beside. I have had unlimited data and tethering for about ten years.I starting with a business plan on mts then grandfathered through till I got tricked into making the switch to telus being told everything would be the same.LIKE F*Ck!!! I never had issues with my speeds or usage. I pay about 110 a month. On top of that Telus makes me pay more for my equipment. Just got the p20 it costs me almost 200 more because of unlimited data cause they can't change the cost of my plan but they can be a used car salesman and tack it into the hardware. Then. My data calculation on my previous phone was around 8 to 6gb this one on the p20, so far is about 10gb and I'm getting a bloody text from Telus that I'm going to be throttled for using 15gb!!!! Now i have a smartphone that is dead in the water pumping out a whopping 200kb data. I can barely load email, let alone stream anything. Not even music. So I beg to differ they do not throttle. I want mts back. These companies will just screw you if you let them and I'm about tired of wearing lipstick. I pay for my bandwidth otherwise I wouldn't care even the throttling fine but 200kb?! Also get your measurement of data sorted out I've had 5 phones on your service and not one has actually made it to the data cap so this has been going on for awhile. I have one GB on a tablet and you don't dare turn on the cellular as that GB is gone before you can ever get to your Facebook wall.


T-Mobile will potentially throttle you during network congestion after 50+ Gigabytes of data being used within a 30 day period.  


In Canada, I would say it is less about population density and more about a lack of competition combined with corporate greed.  The ridiculous minimum wages up here don't help, but even paying a higher cost for unlimited would be welcome.  However, it is that lack of competition and corporate greed that will keep Canada's wireless industry far away from ever being fair to its customers.  

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I noticed they jacked up their 1gb top up rate by 33%, and their 2gb top up rate by 25%.

How is it wind can offer 13 gb for $50 or 23 gb for $90.

It hasnt been 14 days i am tempted to take my note 9 back as it doesnt have dual sim to avoid what i view to be avaolutely rapacious data fees. When i entered the contract i hadnt realized just how greedy telus is. Ridiculous. Cqnadians should be kicking this company to the curb instead of just letting them have their way with people's wallets like this.

Why can Freedom Mobile do that?

Easy enough, their Home coverage is VERY limited (I often refer to it as “As big as my pantry”). Therefore, their network maintenance costs (among other things) are considerably lower.

This is like saying: Why would I buy a $90,000 Porsche when GM offer cars for $9,995?
They’re both cars, in the end. And do the same things!