Why am I getting Amber Alerts?

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Apple? Not on my iPhone  running iOS 11. Only in the US is Apple allowing users the option to disable two specific alerts allowed by the FCC. Since in Canada all alerts are required by the CRTC, Apple is not giving Canadian iOS users any options.


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@mhinc-- Hopefully you get an override update sooner than later. Keep messaging the developers for one. I'm far too lazy for most apps. Cat LOL LAZY. If my default ain't broke, I use it.

Ya, I just can't handle the stock messaging App, just doesn't do it for me, I see a lot of people pushing Textra already to have the option.  Their developers aren't a contact away, it's required to place everything on a forum, quite upsetting, especially when I paid for it.





The developers of Textra may not be interested in solving the problem as they may view it as a Samsung only problem that may be fixed when Samsung upgrades devices to Android 8, or 9.  The reason I say  this is that on stock  Android, emergency alerts are enabled / disabled in settings not the messenger app.   Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Advanced -> Emergency Alerts.


As a work around you could probably disable the alerts function via the Samsung messenger app.  You should only need to do this once, or at least after an upgrade or restore.


@mhinc-- I just read an article this morning about the mess of this Amber Alert, and how people were furious and inundated cops and 911 with angry calls because they got not one or two, but four alerts in both languages. The official said the alerts should not have been sent as far off as they were, and they'll be rethinking what alerts they send and to where, and may remove Amber Alerts given the backlash. He said, as I did earlier, making people angry is defeating the purpose. So there's hope we'll get change as they prove their system faultier and faultier. Cat LOL