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This is crazy!

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We have tried all the real carriers in Canada, as well as several of the discount ones. Been with Telus for a two years, but finally looks like here we go again time to change look for another company- bills for two phones, spending more than $1,000 per year, and this month's bill we got is more than $200 just by itself.  Lots of extra airtime on one phone - but charged at an outrageous 50 cents per minute! That's extortion.


Two points here:

1. Yes, all three of the big telecom companies, as well as their side-companies (like fido, virgin, koodo, etc) are criminal. Downright criminal. They collude in their monopoly to raise prices constantly and have zero interest in working with or for their customers because they know that customers rarely have a choice.

If you look in Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, they have far far far cheaper plans. That's because there is a separate company in each place that offers good quality service with good customer service at a very good rate. The big three have no choice but to be more competitive and responsive, or they'll lose customers big-time in those provinces.

2. Though to be fair, you ought to have known your contract conditions, surcharges, and other plan details. If long distance is not include in your plan, you'd be wise to know what it will cost if you use it. If data is limited, you'd be wise to monitor the data use on your devices using the built in data use tracker that's on most of them. Complaining that they charged you for services that you used and that were on your plan/contract before you used them doesn't really make sense. It would be like buying a vehicle then complaining you actually have to pay for oil changes or gasoline.....

50 cents per minute for overage sounds like a lot, but again, did your plan not say this was the case? Did you just lose track of how much it was being used? People in society today need to take personal responsibility for things they do. Can't blame Telus if they followed their contract conditions that you agreed to.

But you certainly can blame them for charging ridiculous fees. Sadly there isn't much Amy of us can actually do about it. Go with Wind Mobile, and when you leave Telus, make sure you make it clear to them why you are leaving and where you are going. Let them know you plan on posting details of what they charged you all over social media and chat forums as well as telling everyone you know personally.

P.S. A thousand dollars in a year for two phones is not really that bad at all, all things considered. Hell even Wind Mobile would cost you about that much for a decent plan for two phones.

Just added the bills....turns out it's over $1,500 a year. You are right, indeed leaving Telus is likely the best at this point. It will save a few hundred dollars. It's crazy how little would have made a big difference. Say after going over, they call us and suggest to step up to an unlimited plan. I would have appreciated that. But no, none of that. Porting out today!

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Community Power User
If you're going over your current rate plan, i am sure there is something you can do to mitigate the "extra charges". Switching carriers/companies won't help in that situation if you exceed what your plan provides.

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