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I just did up a BBB report on Telus I hope I win case.


@Rodney2007_2007-  You did it. But you've to be prepared, keep in mind the fight is against a giant, with the most prominent lawyers and marketing advisers. Start by doing a search in "" Enter - "What to do when filling a complaint in BBB" and follow instructions, also you can look for free legal advise, from some agencies. Telus has nothing against you, but unpaid bill issues, paid the debt & "Bingo"  Problem solved. Stay with Telus best from the 3-wireless Telcom. Good luck.  "v9" 

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

Based on your previous posts you're going to have an extremely challenging time as Telus are actually well within their rights to not let you terminate your service contract when you still owe them money. 


You're welcome to disagree with why they owe you money & resolve that with them, but what they are currently doing is exactly what they should. Think of it this way, if you lease a car from a dealership and halfway through the lease have not paid the monthly charge consistently, do you think they would let you terminate the contract without paying anything and just pay as you go? How are they going to ensure they get that remaining lease payment if they have no contract with you?


Pay the past due amount and you will have no more troubles, they will happily put you on prepaid.