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Re-Activate Old Phone Number

Just Moved In


3-4 months ago I successfully changed my Telus phone number through the online dashboard.

However, now I'm completely locked out of an important online account because it keeps sending an SMS verification code to my old phone number, which I no longer have access to.


My only option to recover this online account is to get access to my old phone number again. Does anyone know how I could get a new sim card/plan issued and specifically request my old phone number? I tried asking an agent on live chat and they told me it's impossible, but a Google search told me otherwise. 

I'm not sure where else to ask or how to go about this. I really need to figure out a way to receive an SMS code to my old phone number.

Thanks for the help!



@gstg  I could be wrong. If i remember right an answer from a year or so ago. The number is held for about 90 days so you could get it back. After that it won't issued again for about a year.    Best call in and get to billing for best answer. Polecat