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Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Relief


Saw an ad in yesteday's Toronto Star Business Section from Telehop Communications. They are donating $1 to the Canadian Red Cross for every call made to the Philippines using #100 on TELUS. You can call any Phillipines land or cell line for only 25¢/min using #100 on your TELUS prepaid and postpaid mobile phone.


The service works great too. Great call quality, very convienent, and no need to activate or sign up, all charges go directly on your current TELUS bill. All you do is dial #100, wait for the prompt, then dial your international long distance number. You even get a free text after your call outlining your call details and charges associated to your call.


You can learn more about the relief donation Telehop has commited to and more info about #100 at