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Overcharging for service outside of Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Community Power User
Community Power User

Why exactly is Telus offering regular customers in Saskatchewan and Manitoba rate plans that are far far cheaper than what they offer in the rest of Canada?



  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text – 1GB: $55/mo.
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text – 5GB: $65/mo.


  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text – 1GB: $55/mo.
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text – 5GB: $65/mo.
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text – 10GB: $75/mo.

BC / AB / ON / NS / NB / NL / PEI

  • TELUS Lite 55 (150 min, 200MB): $55/mo
  • TELUS Lite 65 (1000 min, 500MB): $65/mo
  • SharePlus 1 GB: $85/mo
  • SharePlus 4 GB: $110/mo
  • SharePlus 6 GB: $125/mo
  • SharePlus 10 GB: $145/mo

So in most of Canada for the 10GB plan, we're paying almost double the cost of the Manitoba plan. Same for the 5GB plan even though most of Canada only has 4GB and 6GB share plans.

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The main reason I've heard is to compete with more localized carriers such as SaskTel and MTS. You'll find similar plans in QC as well to compete with Videotron.


It's completely bogus, but that's how it is it seems.


The reason why is they are competing against local monopolies (SaskTel is a crown corp and MTS was very recently one, aka not profit driven) w/ HUGE market share (70+%). If TELUS want to win customers there they need to price at a discount and therefore have lower prices. 


And the coverage in these provinces is not that good