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Need help- Can't make calls or take calls

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All day my phone has not been working!  I can't take any calls, my friends say it goes right to voice mail.  I also cannot make any calls, it goes directly to "call ended" without even dialing.  I obviously cannot call Telus to find out what the problem is.  Anyone have any ideas?  I should mention I'm in Southern Ontario and there doesn't appear to be any service disruptions according to the website.


Community Power User
Community Power User
Power off your phone remove and reinsert the sim. Turn it back on and check if it functions correctly now.

Have you made all your payments recently? An accumulation of unpaid bills could result in a service disruption. 1 800 777 1888 to speak to payment services from any cell phone to get your phone turned back on. Sometimes when you are travelling for some reason the device needs to be turned off and on again and tech support may need to repush your sim card onto the local towers there. It may be trying to connect to your home tower if Southern Ontario is not your normal area. Do you have Do Not Disturb turned on? That will restrict all calls in and possibly out. If it's an iphone have you turned off enable 3gb or enable 4gb/lte mistakenly thinking that was the data? Settings> Cellular> Enable 3gb or Enable 4gb/lte. That is not your data but, the entire cellular network. Those are the most common scenarios. 

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I wonder if the phone has airplane mode turned on?  Could wireless be turned off?