Hi. We are a family of 3 moving from Toronto to Edmonton. We are wondering if there is any way we can order or process a subscription online and on the day we arrive in Edmonton (which is the 29th of March) we can just pick up our SIM cards or have a family member pick it out for us. We have discontinued our subscription from Fido since we heard from family that Telus is the primary choice in Alberta. We are planning to get a US&CA call,data preferrably 10GB worth, and SMS service.

I hope you can assist us. Thank you.
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Are you planning on using your old Fido phones? If yes, have they been unlocked yet? If they haven't you won't be able to just pick up a SIM card and have them start working. To unlock your phones you would have to contact Fido for the codes.


For new service you would likely have to set that up in person as personal identification (ie drivers license) is typically required. Whether or not they'll need your new Alberta address on it is something you might have to check in to. You can either check with a local Telus store or give customer service a call at 1-866-558-2273.


In the mean time you can see the current plans available in Alberta here: . If you have any questions, I would recommend calling Telus. Smiley Happy

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You could also find a Telus retailer there in Toronto, and get set up before you move. Best Buy, Staples, WOW Mobile, Walmart, and others should be able to set up a Telus Account, if a Telus Shop or kiosk is unavailable nearby.



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Your best bet is to look online at the plans for that region first.  Plans and prices vary by province with Ontario having some of the highest rates in the world.  In most cases, retailers can not offer you a plan that is not in the region they serve.  Your best bet is to do the research online by changing your region on the Telus site to Alberta and see what you can get when you arrive.  Happy moving!  


Ontario and Alberta share the same rate plans and prices (other than PST and the 911 fee). You should be able to get set up in Ontario with Alberta numbers with no issues.