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Internet TOP UPS

Just Moved In
Just curious to know why internet data top ups unused GBs aren’t forwarded to your next billing period? Sometimes I’m unaware how much data I’ll be using in a month. Example > I used up my data included in my plan so I bought 2gbs for $30 BUT ONLY USED ONE yet I’m still being charged for 2gbs and the remaining GB that I PAID FOR gets lost in cyber space and not carried over? Ridiculous! Why should I pay for something that I didn’t use and that I’m unable to use the following month? They should really mention this upon topping up!!

Community Power User
Community Power User

While it may not be mentioned in the My Telus App when topping up, it is mentioned in the support article, that the top-up expires at the end of your billing cycle. It is usually cheaper to change your plan to a higher amount of data (watch for sales) than to buy top-ups even two or three times per year.


You could add an IDEA to include the warning in the My Telus App purchase process.

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