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How to get rid of a voice mail message indicator that is stuck once you have deleted that voice mail


When you delete a voice mail but your phone still says that you have a message waiting it can be anoying. Try to call you cell phone from another number, then leave a message on your voice mail. Then once you get the notification of a new message, call the voice mail from it and delete that message. That should delete both notifications and resolve your issue.


I hope this will help anyone how encounter this issue.





That exact thing happened to me!  It happened when I changed the SIM card in my phone and went from a US carrier back to Koodo.  Nothing I tried workd and support was of no help at all.  I eventually solved the problem by upgrading to a new phone.  I'd like to use that phone again some day in the future.  Let me know if you find a solution.

The technical assistance department can also clear the message waiting indicator for you. It will help resolve the issue. You can reach them from another phone at 1-866-558-2273.

Just Moved In

Since I was/am new to telus when the "New VoiceMail" icon (which looks like an old style tape cassette) appeared on my display I had no idea what it was.  After spending two hours trying to make it go away I finally phoned support (1-866-558-2273).


Since I am a (poor) Pay-as-you-go client, I didn't want to return the call and pay more money.  Good news: You don't need to call from your cell phone except once.


You call back once to set-up your VoiceMail account:  Mostly they just ask you for a password (four or more numbers) and then you need to say your name and optionally provide a greeting message.


Thereafter; if you have a Cellphone with Telus as your provider you can enter 1-778-581-4001 (from any phone) and pick-up your voice messages.  After listening to the messages the VoiceMail waiting icon will disappear from your cellphone display no matter what number you called from.

A small correction.


The problem with the stuck voicemail indicator occurs when your phone goes out of sync with the server.

The easy way to fix it would be to call yourself, leave a short message, hang up, call your voicemail, listen to the last message, delete it then instead of hanging up, press *  to disconnect.

That should work most of the times. IF not you will need to call into tech support and have them to clear that stuck notification.


Also the voicemail uses access numbers that can be different from one phone to another. Ex: BC 250 area code has 7785814001 and 7785814002. Those are preprogrammed and written into the SIM card so that whenever you tap on your your voicemail icon, your phone will dial that access number. So it is not a general rule that one number will cover them all.

And is impossible for a one  to know which access number his-her phone has.You will need to call in to find it out .

Needless to say other area codes have different access numbers.


I hope that clarified few things