How do I unlock an Iphone in France without my simcard?


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I am in France for 6 months (Lyon, villeurbanne aera) and I would like to put a contract on my phone. The problem is that i didnt unlock my phone before leaving canada and i dont have the simcard with me...

Do you know what I could do? i tried a little shop but they told me it would take 24 days...

Thanks !



Do you still have an active account with TELUS? If so, you can have it unlocked through their chat service ( for $35. If you do not have an active account, or know someone with an active account, then you will have to go through a third party service. Carriers in Canada will only unlock a device if you have active service with them.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you i chatted with them and it really helped!

Thanks again 🙂 !