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Has anybody gotten a response or a call back from the webstore team?

I have left emails at and and have also left a voice message at 1-866-488-2709 regarding my issue where my credit card was charged but no order number/confirmation at the end of payment (the website gave me an error message towards the end of the payment). I have not recieved any email confirmations either. It's been 2 days.

Friendly Neighbour
I also haven't heard from them. Placed an order on Nov 1st and also did what you did too contact them. Sorry i couldn't bring you better news.

Yeah this is really frustrating. It seems that the live chat, *611 customer care and social media groups have no way to help us out. I have tried talking to all of them and have directed me to the same phone number and email for the web store team, who we can't even contact. I will soon try to talk to physical telus store reps see if they can help me.

Friendly Neighbour
If you can, please reply back and let me know if you have better luck with someone in store.

Store people tried their best but they were given the same answers that we already know when they made calls. Same webstore email and number.