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Dominica: Post Hurricane Maria

Just Moved In

Customer service, can you please put into place considerations for calls and texts to the Caribbean island of Dominica. It was completely ravaged by Hurricane Maria Monday Sept 18th 2017, and the citizens need to be evacuated. They have nothing. They are still in the process of restoring cell service ( Digicel and Flow) outside of the capital city. Currently there are 2 UK cell carriers that have announced that they are making calls & texts to this island FREE! Please consider us as well to make contact with our families. Right now they only have 2G service and weak phone calls, in a limited area of the capital city. Thank you. #dominica 



You can get a long distance saver plan add on for $2 a month and that gets the rate down to 25 cents a minute.  Since this is high in comparison to other countries, I expect the providers in Dominica are asking for a lot of money to complete calls.


I sympathize with your plight but considering they apparently aren't going to be able to use the phone much anyways, this will at least get  you down to a better rate.   I don't think the phone companies in Dominica are in any mood to remove the charges they bill to foreign carriers. What you are doing is essentially asking Telus shareholders to pay for your calls.