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10GB PLAN for $60 and phone upgrade question?


I got the 10GB plan but paying $85 because of a phone upgrade. I also had to pay an upfront fee for the phone as well. My question is after the 2 years and the phone is paid off will the plan revert back to $60? I am basically paying $25 more a month but that is too pay the phone off ($600 over 2 years). If the plan won't revert back to $60 after the 2 years then its better to buy a phone out right and pay $60 a month. I can't get a hold of TELUS online chat and I can't even get through on *611. 

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let us know the follow cup response if you can! Thanks for sharing

Telus 10GB.JPGI'm curious why the telus site is showing that the 10GB is shareable Canada wide.  Any clarity on this

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@jasonv93 The talk & text plans are plans Telus no longer offers. You can only find references to them in a web search with links to outdated pages on Telus.


Current plans are offered here.



So how come it was offering 10GB data with unlimited nationwide talk and text. Did this plan come up in the far past or something

It's to do with Freedom and how Rogers was testing the water...all the carriers mirror one another. From a per gigabyte price point, this deal can't be beat with the major carriers. Only the foolish would consider Freedom but I'm thankful they stirred the pot.

What's the APN? It's or My APN is former one, I cannot use the hotpot. The plan is 10GB 60 dollars. Thanks.

You can use SP till Telus fixes the issue.

Thanks so much for the reply. It works. But if I change the APN by myself, Does the data belong to 10GB? Will the telus charge me extra fee?

I just got this plan. Should anyone be generous enough and send me a PM on how to save some money on my next bill, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

@haoxiaotian Your on the 10Gb plan and not being charged extra.. You’ve just changed the access point name APN it’s what telus uses.



Why isn't there a link online or in myaccout to get on this plan?

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I just switched over to Telus from Koodo for the 10GB/$60 plan. I also tether to another phone from time to time and have not been able to do it with this new plan. The other phone connects but it cannot access the internet. Very frustrating.

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@SteveMc Already answered in a thread you posted. You don’t need to hijack another thread.

I made that thread before reading this one. Not trying to hijack it. Someone else mentioned the same issue I was having so I wanted to let them know they weren't alone.

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Can you tell me if the 10GB Plan is Apple Watch (cellular) compatible? 


Thank you!





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The BYOD 10GB/$60 is not a shareable data plan. Apple Watch requires a shareable data plan.

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Hi Folks,

I know there's a ton of interest in the BYOD $60, 10GB plan and volume challenges in our contact centre as a result - our apologies for that. The response is unprecedented and has undoubtedly affected our answer times. Our reps are working hard to work through the backlog.

If you are having trouble reaching our reps through phone or chat, please consider engaging our awesome social media team via Facebook or Twitter as well.

I've also noticed some anger directed at community members. Please note, unless they have the designated Employee, Community Manager, Moderator roles alongside their username, they are customers just like you. Please be respectful of other members; they're doing their best to help.

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Is it customary for Telus to hang up on customers calling in after a 2 hour wait? This has happened to me multiple times over the past 2 days and drops customers from the queue.  Conversely the same issue occurs for the online chat? 


Is there a resolution to the issue? or should customers look into a different service provider?

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Hey Dru,


Will Telus be honouring people's wishes to get this plan beyond the Dec 19th cut off due to the support issues we have all been receiving?

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I'm just trying to get through to clarify why for a brief time yesterday they were showing shareable 10GB data on the telus site.  tried to order but it directed me to call told me to call 611...cant get through.  facebook message sent but nothing.  just want them to honour what was advertised



Telus 10GB.JPG

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@jasonv93  The talk & text plans are not valid they're old plans you would have found using a google search. Those plans were out 2014 ish.