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saving music apps to sd card galaxy rugby lte

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how do i save files to sd card?



Not an expert at this but I think if you go into your settings, go storage, there might be an option to change it to SD card for default save location. Now you mentioned Save Music Apps. Not quite sure what this means. Please elaborate.

Making sure that "The Future Is Friendly"

You can plug the phone into your computer and you should be able to go to two file directories. The phone itself and the sd card. Just move the music to the sd card and you're good


You have the option to save certain apps to the SD card. Not every app out there can be moved to the SD card since some apps require to be stored in the hard drive of the phone. To move apps to the SD card, you have to go into Settings > Application Manager (or Apps) > find the application you wish to move > and if it has the option, click "Move to SD card."


If its songs that you want to move to your SD card, you can either plug your phone into your computer and it should come up like a removable hard disk. You should be able to click the song file and drag it into the "Music" folder. Another method of moving any files without the use of a computer is downloading an application called "File Manager" (or any file managing app for that matter) and using that application to move files from folder to folder within your phone/SD card