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Resolved! Samsung S6 - problems with calling and receiving calls

95% of the time that i call someone, they can never hear me and end up hanging up. When i call right back, they can hear me alright. Other times it is very difficult for them to hear me, but when they call me back, neither one of us has a problem hea...

nick6425 by Neighbour
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Hey, Can somebody provide me a complaint line except the customer service number. I just started today as a new customer and ported out my number from different provider and my phone is still not working. Went back to store no help they were rude and...

prab by Just Moved In
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Resolved! $0 phones

Is there anyway to sign up for a $0 phone and get it through the mail?

Pixel 2 XL no data on 8.1

My phone updated to 8.1 last night... and now I get no data at all on the cellular network. Same thing that happened when I updated to Dev Preview 2 and had to flash back to 8.0. Is nobody else having this issue?

KeithW19 by Friendly Neighbour
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Unable to return phone from online order.

Hi all, So about 2 months ago I placed an order to add a line to my current account. Waited 2 weeks for tracking and any kind of shipping information, constantly emailed and tried calling the web store number with no avail. I go...

Slow wifi on IOS/iTunes related downloading

We recently upgraded to fibre to the modem internet with an unlimited data package of 100mbps down/10 mbps up speed. For the first 6 weeks or so I enjoyed blazing fast wifi on my iPhone 7. Then suddenly one day, everything slowed right down. App upda...

Resolved! Samsung devices

Will the galaxy s8 active be coming to Telus in the future?

Cailito by Just Moved In
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Resolved! iPhone

I need the unlock code for my iPhone

Heidic by Just Moved In
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