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Motorola 5G razr




Telus has the 2019 razr. Motorola has come out with another razr that apparently has fixed the problems in the first version. However, it is an unlocked device. Does this mean it will not be coming to Telus?





Motorola confirmed in September that they had no plans to bring the Razr 2 to Canadian carriers.

Likely due to the minimum number of devices required for a carrier build and the poor sales of the original.


Of course you can simply buy it outright from another source and just use it with a Telus SIM.


Unfortunately both it and the Samsung Z Flip likely need one more generation of improvements and a slight price cut to become more attractive and more widely adopted. However I doubt even the Razr 3 shows up in a carrier's portfolio unless it is shockingly good.


I say that as a long time user and huge FAN of both the Kyocera 7135 and Blackberry Oxford/Style, and had both months before launch.

That's disappointing.


BlackBerry Style was my favorite phone, but if I remember correctly Telus turned off the CDMA network.

Yeah CDMA was shut down a while back in 2017. It is unfortunate about the luke-warm reception of the 'new' flip-phones.


I had high hopes for the Razr and Flip, perhaps next refresh will garner more interest/sales.


I still use the one remaining Style I have (of the 3 RIM gave me) as a travel alarm clock in the charging base, that can still connect to wifi for local time and news & weather updates. Just wish I had kept my purple one for that purpose but it's outside screen cracked while skiing, so swapped for dark silver.