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Texting Issue to Rogers?


So far things are going smoothly now with my Motorola G Stylus (2020), however...something I just ran into and was wondering if anyone has had any experience like this. I can text to any of my contacts except for one; he is on a Roger's plan using an iPhone 12. Strangely, I can call him. But when I text him he receives nothing. I don't think the phone he is using is the issue as my gf has a iPhone SE and co-worker with an iPhone as well (7 I think).



Community Power User
Community Power User

Can he text you? If so, can you return text him?

Did you have an iPhone before?


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I'll ask him to text me and see what happens. I did have an iphone before years ago (iphone 4).

Figured it out, it was entirely because I didn't have 1 in front of the area code, LOL. Number was in my contacts as (xxx) xxx-xxxx. The moment I put in a 1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx, they're able to receive my texts. Crazy!