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Are you experiencing “watch paint dry” sending a text/messsge with Siri?

Just Moved In
Since the last update, my iphones take 10-15 seconds to send a message using Siri. I’ve tested on my phone and friends and narrowed it down to iOS and Telus. Friends on rogers/shaw DO NOT experience this. I also tested on/off cellular and wifi (Shaw at home) independently and at a third party wifi, bell at McDonald’s, same thing. Now going to test converting to eSIM. Testing everything. Never used Siri until current job where I’m in my car lots for work. Handsfree in the car makes sense to use Siri, otherwise no, so if I have to find an alternate extra method to use while Siri sends, what is the point? Thought I’d post this here so people know it is an iOS issue not your specific phone.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Interesting. I'll forward this off to our Mobility team.