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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 compatible with Telus ?

I want to change my cell and I plan to buy a Xiami Redmi Note 7 but with all the frequencies, I'm lost.Can you tell me if it will be compatible with Telus in Gaspesie !It come Direct from XIAOMI USA (Global Stock) Thank you !

Resolved! Huawei P30 Pro

Hello,I signed a two year contract just over 30 days ago on an Huawei P30 Pro.Before I had the P30 I was sold two defective Mate P20s. Spent countless hours just trying to get a working phone.Now I have a phone that is banned and will not be updated ...

Drew33 by Organizer
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Huawei P30 Pro firmware Update

Hello,I have been using Huawei Mate P30 Pro for 3 weeks now and the battery life became terrible after the .130 update that came out on the 29th.I also had to factory reset my phone because other issues start to happen. So far since the factory reset...

Drew33 by Organizer
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Resolved! New customer

I am trying to create a new customer account so I can sign up for a plan. It requires my account number and contact number. Help!!

Resolved! Blackberry Motion Security Updates Gone MIA

Anyone have some insight into why the BB Motion, North American Canadian variants PRD-63739-009/010, has literally had their security updates thrown under a bus… Purchased mine (PRD-63739-009) through Telus day of release. For the first 8-9 months se...

Elky64 by Ambassador
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Resolved! My phone.

Hi I've called telus 12x to get an unlocked code for this phone I had purchased on a buy and sell place online and the code I was provided with didn't work so now I factory reset my phone and I need the puk code in order to get a new carrier for the ...

Resolved! iPad Pro 12.9

After about a week of hassle trying to get this **bleep** iPad, someone finally clued me in that it was a only deal only. 臘‍:female_sign:Anyhow. Purchased the iPad Friday morning. They told me 2-5 business days, when I called in the other day to just...

Tecnofunk by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Huawei P20 Series March Security Patch

See it was scheduled for release on March 20th recieving on our P20 Pro Mar 21st, never had it powered the day prior so unsure if it was there then. So far though patch for our P20 is no where to found as of Mar 27th..Is there an issue with the patch...

Elky64 by Ambassador
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