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~ Enable VoLTE OnePlus 6T?

I recently purchased a factory sealed OnePlus 6T and popped in my SIM. I get only 4G data and H(+) during calls. So I decided to enable VoLTE via my devices settings. No dice.

After scouring the web for information, I came across two methods to get this working. Apparently getting my device whitelisted to allow VoLTE on my carriers end (Telus), or essentially modifying partitions to basically spoof as a Pixel device to allow VoLTE.

Are there any moderators or actual employees here that might be able to help steer me in the right direction? I'd really like to get VoLTE working without messing with my device and potentially ending up with a brick.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I have contacted TELUS several times to try to get VoLTE and WiFi calling working on my 6T running LineageOS 18.1. No luck.

I've never been able to talk to anyone who knows what I'm requesting.

VoLTE and WiFi calling settings are enabled on my phone but TELUS is not not allowing IMS registration.

Screenshot VoLTE.png


One of these days I'll get around to trying the PDC method to spoof a Pixel 3.

Spent a significant amount of time talking to various individuals, until I finally got an escalation ticket going. Finally got a hold of someone in Quebec, who at first told me my device was completely incompatible. I then referenced this forum and told him that I he was incorrect, my device is indeed compatible. He then pulled a complete U-turn and said that yes, my device is compatible and that he can "flip the switch", but if he did, any later changes to my account could overwrite what he had done. So I thanked him, then he asked if we could continue through text. We went through rebooting and resetting my network settings, attempted to follow his instructions, but no change whatsoever. No word back from him since last Friday, June 4th.


Fast forward, it is now July 16th my APN settings have been locked into place and are unable to be changed if something goes wrong on a custom ROM, I will be unable to make any changes to my APN settings. Good job Telus! I do now get LTE+ when using data, however placing a call throws my signal back to H+ again. Honestly I'm going to save myself a headache and never use Telus again after my contract is up. These doorknobs only care about their profits, and I refuse to support Telus any longer then I am forced to. Good luck to you just thought I'd let you know exactly how my adventure with Telus went. Goodbye Telus! Won't miss you in the slightest.

@MoistPicklez what ROM are you using, OOS or Custom?

I am using Octavi OS 2.7 currently, but I also often switch to Bliss or Stock OOS. No matter what I flash though APN settings are blocked completely from editing after talking to that fellow who attempted to help with VoLTE.

I have 2 6T phones, one on OOS one on LineageOS. I can't add a new APN on either phone.
I can add a new APN on my Pixel 2XL.

All phones are on TELUS.


I think the availability of the APN setting is related to the phone not the ISP.